Reverse Factoring
This Week From the Campus

Understanding Reverse Factoring

In a typical factoring arrangement, it is the provider of services or goods that will be the party that contacts and reaches out to a factor to purchase it’s invoices.   In factoring terminology, that is […]

Agency Development

Building a Factoring Broker Agency

Polls of factors and alternative commercial finance lenders continue to evidence that roughly 50% of all new clients for their services are generated through some form of networking and one of the most important networks you can develop is a “sub-broker’s network. […]

The Story of martha
Career & Startup

$42,000 Payday and the Story of Martha

One of the most common question asked by career seekers exploring the opportunities for freelance consulting (brokering) in the factoring industry is…“Can I succeed as an industry factoring broker?” The answer to that question is definitely…“It […]