Plain and simple, challenges are contests for our IAVFB Members or Subscribers.  Challenges are sponsored by a host identities including IACFB Wholesale, IACFB Academy, industry factors, and marketing support companies.  Challenges can be:

  • FREE and without cost for visitors…or
  • Available to IACFB Members Only…or
  • Offer Discount Opportunities for Training…or
  • Offer some type of prize, discount, award, bonus, etc.

Challenges are not only a great way to learn more about are exciting and profitable industry, they are also a super way to enjoy training and product discounts and also commission bonuses.  We always have at least one Challenge active every month.

This Month’s Challenges

This month IACFB is providing three (3) Active Challenges for IACFB Members.

  • Challenge #1:  This is a very easy challenge to participate in and it provides affiliate payments (25%) in conjunction with IACFB’s Annual Membership Drive.  This occurs every July and this year it offers a great opportunity with it’s teaming up with the DataMax Customer Affiliate Program.  (see more details here)
  • Challenge #2:  Challenge #2 is a Challenge for our IACFB Sponsored Agents and this is a great Challenge that allows you to earn Training Upgrades up to $500 simply by submitting leads from your website.  Most Sponsored Agents are eventually seeking to become career-oriented full time freelance brokers.  Here’s a great way to get started simply by submitting SQL or Sales Qualified Leads.  (see more details here)
  • Challenge #3:  Challenge #3 is again designed  for our IACFB Sponsored Agents and this provides a great BONUS for Agents when they submit their first accepted deal.  This challenge pays up to an additional 5% one-time commission.  (see more details here)