New Referrer and Sponsored Agent Training at the Magazine

The “BIG NEWS” at the magazine for all IACFB subscribers is that the new Referrer / Agent Training Area at the magazine is completed and this means that IACFB will be providing a NEW and FREE training program and content for those just discovering our exciting industry.  This new facility is provided for any and all magazine subscribers.  The new magazine course includes…

  • Comprehensive training for Referrers and Sponsored Agents using a special IACFB Factoring 101 “Lite” training module.
  • A PDF download of Chapter Two (2) of the always popular IACFB’s Consultant’s Guide
  • A completely new area “Magazine Articles Slider” with VIDEO and YouTube support just for Referrers and Sponsored Agents
  • A new and easier to use SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) submissions form available at

Powerful New Training for Referrers and Sponsored Agents

The new Magazine Online FREE Factoring Training for Referrers will offer comprehensive individual program. Foe freelance professional consultants, this is the program you need to build your referral networks.  For part-time home business seekers, this answers the question of…”What can I do to makes ends meet in this inflationary economy.”  Today’s mobile creatives can use this new program to join any factor’s of freelance consultant’s referrer networks completely FREE or, with website support, at very low cost.  For IACFB freelance consultants, this new program represent an almost unlimited resource of high quality referrers that can provide you with Sales Qualified Leads simply sourced through the agent’s normal social media networking or face-to-face conduits of opportunity.  With the new referral agents training, enhanced article support, as well as IACFB’s new YouTube Channels, your referrers and agents can position themselves to uncover quality financing leads by simply…

  • being in the right place
  • at the right time
  • with the right financing training and tools to acquire the lead

New Article Support for Referrers on the Magazine

In today’s inflationary economy, everyone need s a way to make ends meet and becoming a factoring industry referrer is a great way to do just that!  The new “slider” section here at the magazine is devoted strictly to helping our referrers and Sponsored Agents in developing the tools necessary to generate leads and commissions.  Learning this powerful industry and developing the “easy-to-learn” talent to generate leads means you can quickly and easily develop this business as the passive residual stream of income or seeking.  Remember…

“The greater the passive income you can build, the freer you will become”
Todd Fleming

A Fresh New Look at the Business of Referring and That of Factoring Agent

While all IACFB trained Freelance Factoring Consultants now will have the ability to “recruit and develop” expansive lead-generating networks of well trained referrers ABSOLUTELY FREE…it is this fresh new look at the job of referring that is the “eye opener” for many.  For almost anyone seeking out a new passive residual income, this unique and under-the-radar profession is an easy-to-reach solution with little or no cost and one of the reasons is the new IACFB Video Channel designed just for Agents and Referrers at YouTube.  This powerful channel offers..

  • How to train and learn how to become a factoring and alternative commercial finance referrer or agent
  • How to master the hundreds and hundreds of networking options to build your residual passive income
  • Ways to dramatically expand the income opportunities on your website through affiliate marketing

Now is the Time to Get Started

No matter what your goals, there is not any better time to get your foot in the door as a Consultant or Agent in the Factoring and Alternative Commercial Finance Industry than right now.  Spend a few moments and view the latest opportunities available to you at the IACFB Magazine and our growing IACFB YouTube channels and playlists.