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  • Christmas Holidays Promotion at IACFB

    With the new IACFB Campus growing larger every week, the new pricing for 2023 is set with new and existing brokers and consultants will now able to join IACFB and learn this business with for [...]

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  • Editor's Choice

    What Drives Entrepreneurs to Finance Broker Success?

    Living as a professional factoring broker / finance consultant is a feat that is easily achievable.  Many entrepreneurs who enter and try a host of various industries work tirelessly for years before discovering the complete [...]

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Provident Commercial Finance

by Robert McMahon in Lender Spotlight Comments Off on Provident Commercial Finance

Worried about finding factoring support for your clients when they need it most? That’s where we come in… Unlike other factoring companies, we pride ourselves [...]

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Making Commissions with Construction Receivables

by Robert McMahon in Industry Spotlight Comments Off on Making Commissions with Construction Receivables

For agents, factoring brokers, and consultants, the specialty niche of construction factoring is, by far, one of the most important.  In fact, many brokers specialize in this [...]

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