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Factoring Broker: Developing Multiple Income Streams

The concept of developing Income Streams is pretty straight forward  and you probably don’t need an official definition to know what this means.  But, let’s still broach the subject to make certain. Creating multiple income […]

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Cold Call Gold: Book Review for Factoring Consultants

Telephone Marketing is an art…plain and simple.  The better you become at it, the faster you will grow your factoring consultancy.  Too many new brokers, however, relate cold calling to sales which puts way to […]

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In the Spotlight: Universal Funding

by Robert McMahon in Lender Spotlight Comments Off on In the Spotlight: Universal Funding

Unlocking a Win-Win Scenario: Elevating Client Benefits and Broker Commissions Brokers earn up to a 20% commission with Universal Funding! When you choose [...]

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Developing Your Super-Site at DataMax


What is a “Cookie” in Affiliate Marketing?

What is a “Tracking Cookie” in Affiliate Marketing?  An affiliate cookie or “tracking cookie”  is simply a short text file that contains an affiliate identifier or “ID” that is stored on your visitor’s computer or […]


The Rise of the Factoring Broker SuperSites

Though most freelance factoring brokers focus almost daily on marketing due to the residual commission income available that comes with success, their related brethren, Discount Mortgage Note Brokers do not.  Discount Notes is a very […]

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FREE: Our YouTube Factoring Referrer Training Course

by Robert McMahon in Challenge Sponsor Comments Off on FREE: Our YouTube Factoring Referrer Training Course

More and more home-based entrepreneurs and mobile creatives are discovering factoring and the under-the-radar opportunity known as “factoring [...]

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  • A Broker’s Story: How to Hit a Home Run

    Jason Jaquemann was an avid New York Yankees baseball fan.  In fact, he seldom missed a game throughout the season unless work got in the way.  In most cases on weekends, he would jump on [...]
  • Bill the Tax Preparer

    William…Tax Preparer

    Bill Jones works as a Tax Preparer in eastern Mississippi and had been looking for some type of home-based business to start during the “off season”.  His tax business was growing and he was very [...]
  • Factoring Broker Amanda Scores Twice

    Amanda Smith Discovers Factoring

    Like many in the industry, Amanda Smith stumbled upon factoring while looking for a solid, home-based business she could start to supplement her 9-5 job as a hostess at a local restaurant in the Denver, [...]