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    Qualifying a Business for Factoring

    You’ve generated a lead for business finance from a mailing or referral.  Now what?  Fortunately, factoring is one of the accepted methods of finance worldwide and if you, as the broker, simply follow a few [...]


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    A Lender’s View of Today’s California

    My jaunt to Napa for the International Factoring Association conference reminded me of a few things. 1. Napa, like much of California, is gorgeous. 2. For the most part, people are laid back and friendly. 3. [...]

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In the Spotlight: Monterey Financial

by admin in Lender Spotlight Comments Off on In the Spotlight: Monterey Financial

Over the last 3 decades Monterey Financial Services LLC, a consumer finance company located in Oceanside, CA, has been providing consumer receivables solutions including consumer [...]


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Reverse Factoring
From the IACFB Academy

Understanding Reverse Factoring

by Robert McMahon in This Week From the Campus Comments Off on Understanding Reverse Factoring

In a typical factoring arrangement, it is the provider of services or goods that will be the party that contacts and reaches out to a factor to purchase it’s invoices.   In factoring terminology, that is [...]

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    Take Our “Side Hustle” Economy Poll

    If you’re like many other people fighting to pay their bills each and every month in today’s inflationary economy, you probably find yourself living paycheck to paycheck simply because you work as an employee and [...]

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