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Boot Camp Updates for June

  • Factoring Broker Boot Camp Updates
    Boot Camp Updates

    Boot Camp Updates: June Notifications for Agents

    About Boot Camp Boot Camp is an important IACFB magazine “category” of articles that provide basic commercial factoring finance training and marketing assistance for those new entrepreneurs to the industry.  Unlike the in-depth and comprehensive [...]

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10 Economic & B2B Blogs All CFCs Should Follow and Why

In the world of professional commercial finance consulting, maintaining a dynamic and informative online presence is not just advantageous – it’s essential for staying ahead of the curve. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by regularly […]

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Factoring 202

Eight New Sponsored Agents Websites with Merchant Cash

While career Freelance Factoring Brokers continue to play a pivotal financing role for clients at the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (IACFB), Sponsored Agents have now become the most popular training and support program we offer.  Unlike […]


How to Navigate Consultant Content on the IACFB Magazine

The IACFB Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine serves as a valuable resource for professional brokers and consultants in the alternative commercial finance industry. The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to commercial finance, providing insights, trends, and expert opinions to […]

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In the Spotlight: American Receivable

by Robert McMahon in Lender Spotlight Comments Off on In the Spotlight: American Receivable

Since 1979, American Receivable has provided small businesses with the financial resources they need to grow, increase inventory, make payroll on time and effectively compete in the [...]

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