The Easy Way: Generating Factoring Leads with Sports and Hobbies


Networking and relationship building as a key to success in this industry for most and we have all found client accounts that were referred to us simply because we were at the right place, at the right time and with the right knowledge to earn a sale.  Its common that, although someone we are close with has no need for financing right now, we also find over and over again that that person knows of someone starting a new business in need of cash or a relative or similar who needs a business loan.  The important thing is this.  For brokers and consultants dialed in to making a successful career of the business, it is vitally important for you to build lasting relationships that will provide the opportunity to have that business come your way.   And building such relationships are not only easy, but they are fun and especially if you get involved in an enjoyable sport or hobby with others of similar interest.  Here are eight (8) sports and hobbies you can get engaged in right now that will get you off the couch watching Kardashians and elevate you to meet more people and begin building relationships that will move you to commission earning mode.

Join a Gym

This is one of the easiest hobbies or sports you can employ to meet dozens of interesting people.  It is a low cost membership that also has a great additional benefit.   It will improve your health and your work habits.  One you make this move, don’t just join an old gym.  It’s good for your health but remember what one of your main goals is….relationships.  Make certain the gym you join has a “good” membership.  Look for a gym with interesting programs you can join (such as yoga or even martial arts) where you can meet and develop great new friendships.

Start Jogging and Join a Running Club

Running is a great way to shed those extra pounds while you also boost your overall health.  It will boost your confidence and fight depression, two important benefits for all freelance consultant who set their own goals and work hours but also face periodic times when everything does not go your way.  When we are talking jogging, we are talking ways to make it an event that bares additional fruit.  There are numerous ways such as running clubs, marathons, and even runner “singles clubs” that will provide you with a bonanza of opportunities to meet and build dozens of solid relationships quickly.

Take Some Scuba Diving Lessons

For individuals who have always dreamed of enjoying SCUBA diving, you may be wondering what is involved with taking SCUBA classes.  To start, some classes are required upfront from certified instructors for certification (PADI) while other classes are offered as add on courses.  In most cases, you will find training locally but you can also earn your certification in some  exceptionally beautiful exotic islands.  No matter how you get your training, you will then begin to enjoy one of the most beautiful sports available an a great way to build friendships and relationships while also traveling to some of the most beautiful island and locations around.

Become a Kayaker

Kayaking has become a huge sport and one that will provide endless opportunities to meet others and build relationships with networking.  Kayaking, as a sport, is one that appeals to almost any age.  Kayaking can be build around “adventure” and can be as easy or as hard as you make it.   It’s also a fantastic family activity and because of this you can bring your children and your spouse and virtually everyone will be ok.  Kayaks can be used for fishing a beautiful slow moving stream or alternatively provide a day of excitement on rapids and small waterfalls.  Nearly all cities have multiple clubs featuring opportunities for networking.  Angling groups are exceptionally popular with even fishing tournaments held routinely.

Join a Yoga Group

This is a great physical practice that also provides great mental benefits for people of all ages.  And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten healing.  Don’t forget.  Many instructors offer private lessons but what you want here is “group”.  You’ll benefit greatly by learning yoga but building a few relationships will also benefit you greatly. In fact, if you join a gym as we suggested earlier, you will almost assuredly find some training in yoga affiliated with that gym.  Yoga can help with arthritis pain, provide benefits for heart health, helps you sleep, and manage your stress levels.

Take a Fly Fishing Course

Fishing is a great way to build close relationships with others and will go hand-in-hand with your new kayaking skills.  There are all types of fish and fishing but one of the most “artful” types of fishing is fly fishing.  Fly fishing is characterized as the use of specialty tackle to cast small (often created with your hands) lures in a bid to catch the types of sport fish that feed predominantly just below the water’s surface.  Learning fly fishing is an art and you will need some instruction such as through 160 year old Orvis Outfitters.  This is a great way to meet others in your locality or wrap your instruction around a great vacation.   Fly fishing will serve you well in meeting hundreds of other over time that share your interests and who will be valued future friends.

Sign Up for an Archery Course

Archery is a time tested sport but a lot of archers are quite overwhelmed when they first take up the sport.  You will notice that archery is a lot harder than you thought initially and you might believe that you will never learn it. Don’t worry though, a lot of new archers experience this. It just takes a while to learn the technique.  In fact, it typically takes about 2 months to learn how to properly shoot a bow.  Once your in the sport, however, you will find unlimited opportunities through local clubs and meets.  This is considered to be a “cool sport” and one that is not too costly to enter.  Check out the size of local clubs to gauge the opportunities present for networking and relationship building.

Take a Driving School

We saved this for last simply because it is expensive, but as for as opportunities go for networking and relationship building, almost nothing else comes close.  When we are talking about “Driving School”, we are talking about performance driving training such as that provided by Skip Barber Racing School,  And, there are several types and kinds that you can choose find.  For example, some driving schools feature training on daily vehicles such as professionally tuned Ford Mustangs or Chevrolet Corvettes. Other classes or schools will use open wheel Formula racing cars for their introduction to performance training.  No matter what you choose, be prepared to meet some unique individuals as class mates, and maybe even a few movie stars.  Additionally, this type of school / hobby will also introduce you to the world of cars, and specifically, collector vehicles which opens incredible doors.  Opportunities for building relationships in this area, are exceptional.

Choose and Then Sharpen Your Elevator Pitch

Whether you select one of the hobbies / sports above or one of the many others of your choosing, make certain you practice, practice, practice your until you’ve got your “Elevator Pitch” memorized perfectly.  Let those you meet know what you do.  Networking and relationship building is one of the primary tools in your arsenal that can provide you, a consultant, with the leads you require to develop your clients along with the commissions you generate.  Many factoring brokers and consultants spend almost no time using direct marketing, preferring to focus to generate leads from those interesting people they meet through sports and their hobbies.

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