Making the Move: Here’s a Great Broker Destination When You’ve Simply Had Enough

As a broker or commercial finance consultant in the alternative commercial finance industry, you possess a unique advantage compared to most: the ability to earn a living virtually anywhere you choose. Your expertise transcends geographical boundaries, and in an era where remote work is increasingly prevalent, the world truly becomes your oyster. Yet, for many consultants currently living in high-crime progressive cities, the desire for safety, stability, and a conducive business environment can often outweigh the allure of your current urban surroundings. If you find yourself yearning for a change of scenery from progressive locations such as San Francisco, Portland and of course New York City, whether it’s due to safety concerns, economic factors, or simply a desire for a different lifestyle, exploring more “conservative destinations” might just be the solution you’re seeking. Beginning with our current March issue, CFC Magazine will begin presenting a monthly curated list of some great broker locations, offering not only important professional opportunities, but also the promise of a more secure and fulfilling lifestyle. For some, it may be time to make the move.

Basic Guidelines:  States, Cities, and Goals

For success-driven business finance industry brokers, its obvious that one of your primary goals is to move where the business is and that is one importatant moving statistic that is easy for you to uncover.  Businesses are now moving in droves from blue progressive states such as California, New York, and Illinois, with unfriendly business climates, to more accommodating destinations. Currently, the top five such destinations are Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Tennessee.  Additionally important, true success as a commercial finance consultant in today’s challenging economy means meeting with propsective clients on a face-to-face basis and to do so, you will need to plan your move to the proximity of larger cities and metropolitan areas.

Moving to larger cities will mean more business opportunity, but there is a trade off.  Even in red states with better business demographics for business owners and your consultancy, such larger cities can also mean higher crime rates.  So your ultimate goal will often be to imvestigate the business opportunities in the more conservative states and their major cities, but then plan your move to a smaller community, a community within a relatively short drive to where the business is.  Investigate smaller communies no more than 20 to 30 minures to the major metro area where your new supply of small business owners, prospects, and of course. commissions are located.  For exaple and to kick off this new magazine column, this month we will feature opportunities in Savannah, GA.

This Month: Savannah, GA

Savannah is a picturesque city located near the Georgia / South Carolina border.  Though it is one of Georgia’s most historic and culturally richRiverboat in Savannah cities, it is also renowned for its port. The port is  one of the largest in the United States, making logistics and trade two of its key industries for Savannah business opportunities. Additionally, however, manufacturing, aerospace, and the creative arts are  also significant contributors to the local economy.

As a new resident of Savannah you’ll never be bored!  The city is filled with museums, food festivals, concerts, and much more.  For commercial finance consultants and factoring brokers, you will also find Factors Walk, the historical hub of the commercial factoring industry.

 3 Thriving “Home-Base” Communities Within 20 Minutes of Savannah

For continued success in alternative commercial finance consulting, you need “numbers”.  By numbers, we mean thriving business owners and Savannah is a growing area that certainly provides those numbers.  In today’s economy, it is also not enough to simply have a website and do some occasional posting on social media.  Success in commercial finance consulting means building relationships.  It means making both appointments with business owners and eye-to-eye contact.  Savannah is a thriving city and an increasingly attractive destination for business owners…business owners just like you.  Do your research.  If Savannah makes sense to you, here are three options for communities within 20 minutes of Savannah for you to start calling your new home-base.

  • Bluffton, SC:  With about 30,000 residents, Bluffton is a delightful town on the South Carolina side of the border.  It has a charming historic district which is home to many boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries.  In addition to its pleasant subtropical climate, Bluffton’s crime rate is one of the country’s lowest at 65 percent lower than the national average.
  • Richmond Hil, GA:  Located on the Great Ogeechee River, just south of Savannah, Richmond Hill, Georgia, is a great place to call home.  In fact, Richmond Hill is one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets and was Henry Ford’s southern residence of choice.  Here you can enjoy a home-base just 20 minutes from Savannah with easy access to fishing, kayaking, and boating when its time to relax.  Crime rate is 57 percent lower than the national average.
  • Pooler, GA:  This nearby suburb of Savannah is a city slightly over 25,000 and was ranked the “Second Happiest City in Georgia” by Pooler is a community of preserved woodlands, affordable living costs of living, plenty of shopping along with well-maintained parks.  Pooler has a cost of living index of 92.9, which indicates that living here costs less than the national average and the median home price is $337,422.  The violent crime rate in Pooler is far lower than the national average and just at 14, it’s significantly lower than the national average of 22.7

Making the Decision.  Is a Move to Savannah Right for You?

So for factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants seeking a new frontier in a conservative yet vibrant city, Savannah emerges as a prime destination. With its rich history, burgeoning business scene, and welcoming community, it offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurial growth and professional success. Beyond its cobblestone streets and moss-draped oaks lies a city ripe with opportunity, where the charm of the Old South converges with modern business aspirations. Moving can be a tough decision, but by making the move to Savannah, you not only position yourself strategically in a thriving economic hub but also embrace a lifestyle of tranquility and Southern hospitality. So, if you’re ready to embark on a new chapter in your career and life, let Savannah be your next business move—a decision bound to enrich both your professional endeavors and personal fulfillment.