New Broker Marketing Tool: Guide to Commercial Factoring

For IACFB Factoring 101 Brokers and Consultants, the NEW Guide to Commercial Factoring is now available on  This guide is formatted to provide all Freelance Brokers with a powerful new tool for those utilizing the skills we feature in Factoring 202.  This publication provides your business prospects everything they need to know regarding the benefits of factoring and dovetails perfectly with your FB-Series website for brokers or SA-Series websites for Sponsored Agents.  Purchasers of the new Commercial Factoring Guide from Amazon additionally will have “unlimited” access to:

  • The NEW Searchable IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders
  • The accompanying directories of IACFB Searchable Consultants, Brokers, and Agents

Access to the Directory of American Factors and Lenders

Small business owners purchasing the new Amazon guide will have a “special” access to the IACFB Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  This provides guide purchasers with access to a database of approximately 500+ domestic factors, asset-based lenders, equipment leasing companies, and alternative lenders such as merchant cash advance providers.  It does not provide them, however, with the detailed listing (Lender Spotlights) available to you as a broker and subscriber to the magazine.  Access to this directory REQUIRES a password which is provided by IACFB Membership and Bootcamp.

The “Find a Consultant” Directory Backlinks

In addition to purchasers of the new Amazon guide having access to a “Find a Consultant” feature on the directories, consultants, broker, and agents also benefit from their listing’s backlinks.  Your lenders directory includes two (2) backlinks directly to your website so guide purchasers can enlist your services as a valued “local” consultant.  Since this is now  an OPEN Directory and DOES NOT require any credentials for viewing, search engines now indexing not only lenders links, but those important backlinks to your website as well.

Where are the New Searchable Directories?

A website for broker lender support as well for the NEW Amazon Factoring Guide for Small Business Owners is located at 

For Factoring 101 Brokers:  Market for Agents with the New Guide to Factoring

The new factoring guide when paired with the NEW Searchable Directories will be a potent lead generator for those career professional brokers who are actively building their networks of agents and following the agency concept in Factoring 202 in the Academy.  The guide is a Kindle publication priced at just $9.99 however, the guide is also enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Kindle Select Program.  This means Amazon allows us to periodically (5 days out of every 90) offer the guide for FREE.  For those brokers who have been building their prospect lists for Sponsored Agents, using Factoring 202 training, those FREE days will represent a gold mine in assisting to build those important and powerful networks of lead generators.  It will provide you with the ability to email a link to the Amazon guide to your agent (as well as client) prospects which will in return provide you with a plethora of SQL or Sales Qualified Leads once your new agents are signed up.

Get Factoring Certified!

For brokers, consultants, and agents to take full advance of this lead-generating program, you must get certified by IACFB.  Certification exams are available free and complimentary to all IACFB Members, Factoring 101 Brokers, and Sponsored Agents in Factoring and full consultant certification for members of Factoring 101, Partners, and the full academy.  NOTE:  Your complimentary listing at the directories is already displaying “Certified”.  You must, however, take and pass at least the certification for factoring by OCTOBER 31st (Opening Day) to continue to display your certified status.

  • Sponsored Agents:  Take and Pass the 50 question Proficiency Exam
  • Factoring 101:  Take and Pass the 125 question Factoring Broker Certification Exam
  • Commercial Finance Consultants:  Take and Pass the 250 question IACFB Full Certification Exam

The “Find a Consultants Directory” is a powerful tool where business owners can locate you, as a certified broker or agent, in a particular city or, in some cases, a county.  While it is not a guaranteed “protected territory”, there are only limited listings available for business owners to view and select.  IACFB consultants, brokers, and agents are encouraged to quickly take their appropriate Certification Exam and then update their directory listing.

Backlinks for Your Posts on the Directories

To stand out in your marketplace, you must find ways to bring new customers to you. You may already know about SEO and how it can bring in more qualified website traffic by helping you rank in search engine results pages (SERPS). However, SEO is complex, and it’s often difficult to understand every ranking factor that affects where they’re placed on SERPs, ultimately impacting their number of web visitors.

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of SEO because they demonstrate to search engines like Google that your website has authority, especially if other high-authority domains are linking to it. But, Having an effective backlink-building strategy is key to ensuring your success in SERPs. The more high-quality backlinks you obtain, the higher you can rank on search engines.

To benefit from the marketing power of backlinking, we have opened up the NEW blog on the directories.  In addition to Company Showcases available to factors and lenders on the magazine, all IACFB Members will now have the ability to post informative content on the NEW Searchable Directories with “backlinks” to your business website or blog.  Posting backlinks is vitally important for a cornerstone of lead-generation for all brokers, consultants, and agents.  Posting content on the new new directories is a great way to take advantage of backlinking strategy for lead-generation.

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