How to Navigate Consultant Content on the IACFB Magazine

The IACFB Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine serves as a valuable resource for professional brokers and consultants in the alternative commercial finance industry. The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to commercial finance, providing insights, trends, and expert opinions to its readers. To efficiently navigate and find specific articles, users can utilize the magazine’s Categories Menu and Search Bar.

The Categories Menu is designed to help readers explore content based on specific themes or subjects. By selecting a category, users can streamline their search and access articles that align with their interests or informational needs. Whether it’s equipment financing, factoring, asset-based lending, or other facets of commercial finance, the Categories Menu offers a structured way to discover relevant articles.

Additionally, the Search Bar provides a powerful tool for users seeking particular topics, keywords, or contributors. Users can enter specific terms into the Search Bar to retrieve a list of articles that match their criteria. This feature enables a more direct and targeted approach to finding relevant content within the magazine’s extensive archive.

Primary Categories in the Magazine

The following are active categories by important topics.

  • INDUSTRY CAREER AND PROFESSION:  Here, you will find articles with a focus on becoming a professional in our exciting industry and its many benefits.  These articles feature the types of agents, brokers, and consultants operating in the industry and the requirements to get started and launch your business successfully.
  • ECONOMY & OUTLOOK:  This column is devoted to our current economy.  Factoring and alternative commercial finance is an anti-cyclical industry that provides powerful business finance options when banks and traditional lenders are failing.  It is essential for “professional” brokers to stay on top of the most recent economic trends when marketing to business owners.
  • INDUSTRY OPPORTUNITY FOCUS:  is a magazine column that provides the latest opportunities in “targets.”  It provides articles regarding good ideas about specific industries to which brokers and consultants should devote their list-building and prospecting efforts.
  • TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTIVITY: provides articles and insights regarding the latest technologies that will help industry brokers and consultants become more productive, including electronics, marketing programs, CRMs, and website technology and plugins.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT:  The business development section is one of our most popular features, with articles focused on networking, prospecting, direct marketing, blogging, and agency development.
  • BROKER LIFESTYLE:  With success as a commercial finance consultant comes opportunities to enjoy life.  This column is rated one of the most enjoyable by brokers since it not only provides great ideas for well-deserved vacations but also tends to motivate those newer consultants who begin to see what success means in our industry.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Articles featured in this column in the magazine will focus on better developing your communication skills, time management, and stress management, as well as articles on maintaining your health.

Additionally Categories

In addition to the primary article categories in the magazine, you will also find…

  • BOOT CAMP ARTICLES:  These articles are available to entrepreneurs who are just discovering our exciting industry and want to learn more about it.  The Boot Camp, along with links to the Academy, provides everything you will need to make a determination if this is the right new business and profession for you to invest in.
  • ACADEMY NEWS ARTICLES:  This is an area devoted to the latest updates and upgrades available to IACFB Members
  • OUT-OF-THE-BOX:  This is a unique magazine feature that showcases one article selected every month that describes a unique marketing campaign described in Factoring 202 marketing training at the Academy.
  • LENDERS SHOWCASES: These are “sponsored articles” that help to introduce specific lenders to the broker community.  Lender showcases provide in-depth information about the lender’s financing programs, preferred industries for financing, and those industries they do not provide financing for.  Additionally, most lenders take advantage of showcases to provide brokers with detailed commission information and a download link to their “Broker Agreement.”

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The IACFB Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine is published monthly, and those on the magazine mailing list will receive a notification when it is published.  Typically, however, upcoming articles are actually added to the magazine’s content several weeks in advance, and IACFB members on our LinkedIn group receive early copies or notifications.  Joining the LinkedIn Group is also frequented by our growing list of factors and lenders so the LinkedIn Group is the place to be for breaking news and important content.  From the standpoint of social media and business development, LinkedIn is the place to be.  It’s FREE, and the faster you become proficient on LinkedIn, the faster you will see the commission benefits of your membership.