New Campus Academy for Opens October 1st

The “BIG NEWS” for IACFB is the new  Campus Academy ( is nearly finished and will be providing a NEW complete training program and facility for Sponsored Agents as well as a new facility for Freelance Consultants building Agent Networks.  The new “academy” greatly expands the OLD Campus and includes…

  • Comprehensive training for Sponsored Agents using a special IACFB Factoring 101 “Lite” program.
  • A completely new formatted Factoring 303 Coarse providing training for those seeking to build referral agent networks
  • Much greater provisions for videos as well as a NEW YouTube channel for both Freelance Consultants and Sponsored Agents
  • Cash Flow Consultant / Mortgage Note Broker requiring / upgrading continuing education for their Cash Flow Business (Factoring 404)

Powerful New Training for Sponsored Agents

The new Factoring 101 Lite Sponsored Agent Program will offer comprehensive individual training and a powerful tool that IACFB Freelance Brokers  and Commercial Finance Consultants can used to build their own expansive “referrer” networks at very, very low cost.  For IACFB freelancers, such Sponsored Agents represent an almost unlimited resource of high quality Sales Qualified Leads simply sourced through the agent’s normal networking face-to-face conduits as well as social media.  Sponsored agents “position themselves to uncover quality financing leads by simply…

  • being in the right place
  • at the right time
  • with the right financing training and tools to acquire the lead

Powerful New Lead-Generating Networks for Freelance Consultants

All IACFB trained Freelance Factoring Consultants now will have the ability to “recruit and develop” expansive lead-generating networks of well trained referrers and at the same time significantly build a new income stream of affiliate market commissions.  Now available for career consultants, the Factoring 303 Training Course show you exactly how to build new network and to make it even easier, we are supplying FREE training to get your agents up and running quickly with IACFB’s new Factoring Channel on YouTube.  Your Sponsored Agent recruits benefit from…

  • Factoring 101 “Lite” online training
  • “Help” article directed at agents and posted in the Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine
  • New videos coming weekly and available in the NEW IACFB Factoring Broker Channel on YouTube
  • And just like you, all of your agents will benefit and build income using DataMax’s 25% Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Now is the Time to Get Started

No matter what your goals, there is not any better time to get your foot in the door as a Consultant or Agent in the Factoring and Alternative Commercial Finance Industry.  Spend a few moments and view the latest opportunities available to you at the NEW IACFB Academy.