IACFB’s Summer SQL Challenge: Earn FREE Websites, Hosting, Training, and More

The Summer $500 SQL Challenge Begins June 1st

With the NEW IACFB Network website now operational and the push to add new “Agents” as each of the new IACFB Wholesale SuperSites become active, we thought this would be a perfect time to run a new “Challenge“.  Some years ago, IACFB ran a very successful SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) challenge for new brokers so we thought we would revisit that format while kicking off the new IACFB Network Programs.

How SQL Challenges Works

Sales Qualified Lead Challenges (contests) are not only straightforward but also rewarding.  Unlike the need to submit an ACCEPTED new CLIENT for financing to win a contest award, with an SQL Challenge, you earn prizes for simply submitting LEADS that meet certain criteria.  So long as your lead or prospect meets certain requirements, the submitting contest player receives the award whether financing occurs or not.  This makes SQL contests exceptionally attractive to those new to the industry who are still learning the business, how to generate leads, or what makes a “Good Prospect” for financing.  And, of course you will earn residual income commission payments as well if your leads actually convert to factoring clients.

IACFB’s Summer SQL Challenge Rules.  Its Easy to Win!

  • The SQL $500 Challenge is open to ALL IACFB Members.  If you are not a current IACFB Member, complete this form.  Membership is FREE.Factoring Broker Contest
  • Referrers, Agents, and Sponsored Agents will earn the $500 Challenge Prize for submitting five (5) leads (SQL) during the contest
  • To qualify as an official Contest Challenge submission, an SQL lead will be defined as…
    • Any B2B Business Owner who submits an IACFB Company Profile
    • Generates a minimum of $25,000 in receivables (invoices) monthly for factoring
    • Requests an honest factoring proposal (Terms and Conditions)

Win…Win…Win For New IACFB Network Referrers

For IACFB Members who consider themselves occasional “Referrers,” the $500 SQL Challenge is the perfect way to take the plunge and make the business of becoming a factoring broker a reality.  By simply doubling your LinkedIn social media efforts and focusing on building “connections” that create leads, you can easily (and quickly) earn…

  • ^Enhanced Referrer Commissions for NEW Clients (10% of factoring fees earned)
  • an IACFB Academy Training Program ($279.95)
  • Factoring 101:  Brokers Guide to Factoring ($99.95)
  • a DataMax  WordPress SA-Series Agent Website ($99.95)
  • twelve (12) months of FREE website hosting  ($155.40)
  • Factors and Lenders Directories Listing

^ For New IACFB Members (Referrers), we will be doubling the standard commission rate fromthe standard Referrer rate of 50% commission earned to full Sponsored Agent rate of 10% of factoring fees earned for life of the account.

Upgrade to Network Agent Level and Agent Web Pages

With the construction of the new IACFB Supersites, IACFB Referrers now can upgrade to Agent status and supercharge their marketing efforts with a professionally designed WordPress web page. These new Agent web pages are inserted within an IACFB geographically active SuperSite. Having an Agent web page obviously opens important lead-generating doors, especially in your local community, where prospects expect an internet presence. You can learn more regarding Network Agent web page and the opportunity they provide on the IACFB Network website at www.iacfb.net.

Enter and Get Started Today!

Enter the Challenge and get started today.  Full Challenge training is available in IACFB’s Boot Camp. Click here to enter and get login credentials.