Brokers: How to Earn $500 to $2,500 Every Month Right Now

Commercial finance consulting is an exceptional business by any measure and offers a host of income options that make this career one that virtually anyone can participate in.  One of the problems with this business is that when just starting at, it usually takes some time to build the business up to the point that you are making a solid six figure income.  Most “newbies” are forced to work a “regular” job 40 hours or more every week to pay the bills which limits the time available to invest in a future professional career.  There is, however, a very easy way to build your new career business in your spare time and earn a solid monthly income at the same time and that is to operate a special website as an agency and that involves operating a “SuperSite.

What is a “SuperSite?”

A “SuperSite” is a special website available through IACFB / DataMax that is used by Cash Flow Consultants.  These sites are expansive and include services for business finance, consumer finance, and most important, opportunities for affiliate marketing.  While these sites are similar in many respects as standard FB Series websites used by Freelance Factoring Brokers, it is the affiliate marketing attributes that really set them apart.  And, most import, these sites can be cornerstones for building powerful lead generating “agencies”.

How to Build Your First $1,000 Every Month

When you are first starting at as a broker at IACFB, one of your first tasks to to build your referral networks.  This includes the standard bankers, accountant professionals, etc.  For those serious about getting off the line quickly, they will also build a network if “agents” or what we call Sponsored Agents.  So when starting out…there are two important tasks…

  1. Build a network of referrers (“Sponsored Agents)
  2. Train your agents (using IACFB Agent Training) to network and generate factoring / finance leads for you.

So as a new broker, you just have two jobs when getting started.  First build your lists and recruit agents  Second, put you agents to work generating leads.  That’s it.

A New Source of Immediate Income

So, where does this source of immediate income come from?  Easy…affiliate marketing.  And it looks like this.

  1.  Build / recruit 20 new “Sponsored Agents” every month.  Your goal is one per day.  Everyone, and we mean everyone in todays’ inflationary economy, is looking for a “side gig”.  A when it comes to side gigs, few can compare to the opportunity for earning some “residual commissions” from factoring referrals.
  2. With the standard setup fee for the agent’s training and WordPress landing page set at $99.95, you, the freelance broker earns $25 (25%) for each agent you bring in.  (You also earn 25% of the new agent’s hosting fees.  But more on that later)
  3. Select 4 or 5 attract “high payout” affiliate marketing products from the Factoring 404 Affiliates list.  Install these on your website BUT…install each of these money making links on each and every WordPress Landing Page.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Long Term Goal

When electing this strategy…do NOT take your focus off the prize.  And, that prize is the factoring / finance leads your agents generate from giving away the FREE booklet on factoring and small business finance.  That is where the BIG money exists.  However, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot generate a solid monthly income from your work from recruiting your “Sponsored Agents” army.

  1. GOAL 1:  20 New Agents each month = $500 affiliate commissions set up fee
  2. GOAL 2:  100 New Agent 6 months average hosting fees $3.24 x 100 or $324.00 each month (residual)
  3. GOAL 3:  Commissions from Agent website affiliate products $1,000 monthly
  4. GOAL 4:  Commissions from your “SuperSite” affiliate products $500 – $1,000 monthly

IACFB / DataMax “SuperSites” are a sure fire way to build you Factoring / Mortgage Note Business from the ground up quickly.  This is also one of the most popular home-based businesses available today and with our current inflationary economy, this recession proof business is right now an exceptional choice for mobile creative entrepreneurs.  Find out more about “SuperSites” and online training classes available at the IACFB Academy.