Choosing a Domain for your Sponsored Agent Business

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The very first task you will need to accomplish as a Sponsored Agent in the factoring business is to choose a domain for your lead-generating landing page.  This is relatively simple depending on your long term goals.  Typically, your domain will be some representation or shortened version of your business name.  For some, your business name relates to what your do.  What is your business?  Do you source working and growth capital for other business owners?  For most, that will be true.  For other, for example, their “Sponsored Agent” business will be just one home based side business of many they run from their personal website or a blog.  Almost anything will work that “fits in” to your end goals.

Registering Your Website URL with DataMax Hosting

Once you have settled on your business name, you need to immediately reserve your domain (URL) and register it with DataMax Hosting  This domain  will be your website’s “www” address on the web.  On the internet, there is no “room sharing”.  Only one entity can have a particular domain address (called a URL).

There are several parts to a URL.  Only two, however, are of significant importance to you.  The most important part is called the second level domain” or simply domain.   That is usually your business name or some abbreviated version of your business name such as “smithassoc” or “atlantabizcap”.  Its the part that goes between the dots in your URL.

The second most important part is called the TLD which stands for “top-level domain. This is the part that goes after the second dot and is most often “com”.  So a typical domain my be something like “”.

When selecting your website’s domain, always remember that shorter is better. The average web visitor makes a mistake of some kind every seven (7) keystrokes.  Although the second level portion of a domain can legally be as long as 63 characters, having such a long domain is just asking for trouble.  A very long domain means many potential visitors (clients) may never find you.  So when it comes to your website’s domain, shorter is always better.  Make it as short as possible while still maintaining your business identity. Another reason for shorter domains is you will be using them in classified ads and other important marketing materials.  In some cases, fitting long domains into available ad space will require fonts of such a reduced size, that they will be almost illegible.

Also be aware that when shortening your domain, it is easy to generate completely unintended (and in some cases) embarrassing words as you abbreviate.  Once you think you have created a good domain and one which is available for registration, step back and look at what you’ve created.  Your domain will be imprinted on every type of marketing support item you create such as brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.  It is the primary way people find you and communicate with you.  If you make an embarrassing mistake when creating your domain, it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to correct that mistake later on.

Check With Your Sponsor

If you are having difficulty coming up with a name, ask your program sponsor for some help.  In some cases, for example, your sponsor actually choose your domain name for you.  For example, you sponsor may want to build a network agent presence in Florida and want a new agent in 10 or 20 specific cities in that state.  Your sponsor will then recruit you due to your location and tell you the domain he or she prefers.  Domains with the top-level of .com are very inexpensive with a cost of under $15 for the entire year.