Listing Verification: How to Update to Directory Listing Premium Features

One of the most enticing benefits of becoming a member of the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (IACFB) is the inclusion of a complimentary listing on the Directory of American Factors and Lenders. This directory is not just a resource for locating alternative commercial finance lenders; it’s also a robust tool for brokers and consultants to promote their businesses and websites effectively.

For brokers and consultants, the standard member listing provides visibility and credibility within the industry. It serves as a platform to showcase their expertise and offerings to potential clients and partners. However, there are two additional features available exclusively for brokers: Verification and Featured listings. And the good news is for IACFB Academy Members, both of these are no cost additions.

Broker Listing “Verified”

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Verification is a premium feature that adds an extra layer of authenticity and trustworthiness to a broker’s profile. It indicates to potential clients and partners that the broker’s credentials and qualifications have been verified by the association, enhancing their credibility and reliability in the eyes of prospective clients. Verified Listings can be identified by a small white check mark place within a blue gear.  To earn this “verification icon” you must simply…

  • View your current listing
  • Using the “ADD A LISTING” feature on the directories, update or upgrade your listing
  • If currently missing, add your business logo or image to complete the listing

Nothing more be done.  Once we see that you have updated / upgraded your listing, we will affix the “Verified Check Mark”

Broker Listing “Featured”

On the other hand, a Featured Listing offers brokers prime positioning and increased visibility within the directory.  Although all listings are entered in the directories in alphebetical order, Featured Listings are prominently displayed at the top of the list, ensuring that those brokers stand out from the crowd and attract more attention from potential clients seeking commercial finance solutions. This premium placement can lead to higher levels of engagement and inquiries, ultimately driving business growth and success for brokers.  To earn Featured placement in the directories, you must be “certified” by Class Marker as a..

  • Certified Factoring Broker
  • Certiifed Commercial Finance Consultant

Lenders Standard Listing

Standard listings for factors and lenders are typically entered initially by IACFB staff.  Lenders will receive some notice they have been included in the directories.  Lenders can then view and update their listing by simply creating an updated listing using the “ADD A LISTING” feature in the directory MENU.  Once received, we will delete the old listing and add the new updated listing for your company.

Lenders Listing “Verified”

For factors and lenders  to display “verification status”, they must be an IACFB Academy Member and use  the “ADD A LISTING” feature in the directories to fully complete the UPGRADE entries on the form. Foe example, 25 to 30 “Preferred Industries” should be selected and all social media completed.  The directories are designed so that industry brokers can locate a financing source for any “particular” client and often by industry.

Lenders Listing “Featured”

As with brokers and consultants, Factor and Lender Lisitng are displayed alphabetically.  Feature status displays your listing more prominently at the top of the category list.  The only two requirements for this “Premium Placement”  are

  • Be “Verified”
  • Complete the Company Showcase fot Commercial Finance Magazine

Company Showcases at the magazine provide factors and lenders with the ability to…

  • Display a more detailed picture of your company and show brokers how to reach you for client referrals
  • Detail your standard commission program
  • Identify any “bonus” programs for exceptional producers
  • Provide broker PDF download of Standard Broker Agreement
  • Periodically referrence contests of promotions

In summary, the Directory of American Factors and Lenders provided by the IACFB offers not only factors and lenders but also brokers and consultants a powerful platform to showcase their businesses, connect with potential clients, and establish themselves as reputable professionals in the alternative commercial finance industry. With features like Verification and Featured listings, IACFB Members can further enhance their visibility, credibility, and success within the directory, ultimately leading to greater opportunities and achievements in their businesses.