Blogging: The Benefits of Your WordPress Website’s Blog

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Blogging is one of the most critical marketing channels available for all commercial finance consultants.  And, unfortunately, the most overlooked and underutilized.  Not only does blogging drive website traffic and promote your financing products and services, but it also helps you build relationships and ultimately commission-generating customers.

What Is Business Blogging?

Business blogging is a content marketing tactic that uses interesting authored articles to increase your website’s online visibility.  Your business blog is a marketing channel.   Just like just like you’ll use direct marketing mailers, cold calling, social media, and face-to-face networking, blogging is a tool  that will helps support your consultancy’s growth.  Blogging…

  • HELPS DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE:  Search engines (Google) spider your website virtually every few days looking for new content.  For the most part, you will not have any…unless….you have added informative articles to you blog.  For factoring brokers, adding new article content through your blog is the number one (and easiest) method you will use to drive traffic.  Every time you post an article to your blog, it is another page of your site that is indexed by search engines.
  • PROVIDES CONTENT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA:  Blogging for your business helps you get discovered on social media.  On, what is incredibly cool is that there’s various WordPress plugin that you install for free that automatically post your blog articles to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media.  Not only is this a huge time saver, it makes becoming “active” of the other media a snap.
  • GENERATES CLIENT LEADS:  Once you have some traffic coming to your site through your blog, your calls to action and free offers have the opportunity to work their magic and convert your new website traffic into leads.  For example, all IACFB / DataMax consultant, broker, and agent websites include a powerful VIDEO salesperson that introduces the benefits of factoring.  That video also makes the site’s free booklet (When Banks Say NO! …The Small Business Guide to Factoring) available for PDF download.  And BINGO!  You’ve not got an SQL.  A Sales Qualified Lead!  And all because you posted informative content through your blog.
  • BUILDS REFERRAL RELATIONSHIPS:  If you consistently create valuable content or articles for your audience, it’ll establish you as an industry expert or authority in their eyes:  Blogging provides you with the perfect tool for building your important relationships over time.  Relationships with lending officers, S.C.O.R.E. advisors, SBDC employees, and more.  Additionally, this is the perfect way to recruit one of your most important networks, that of Sponsored Agents.

Your Blog:  Building Business  Traffic Through Social Media Backlinks

Inbound links or “backlinks”, are among the known 200 factors that Google algorithm considers when ranking your website on its search engine result page.  In fact, many SEO, search engine optimization experts, believe backlinks to be the 3rd most crucial factor in search engine ranking importance.  So what are backlinks?

A backlink is a link that directs visitors to your website. A backlink is a URL address to your site, or a page on your site, that comes from another website to yours. And, of course, you now know the importance of posting a blog article on social media.  Each and every one of those social media posts serves as a backlink, and that’ important for your consultancy . That’s because a backlink to another website is more than just a link.  A social media backlink to your website is a vote of confidence in your expertise. It is a recommendation, a way for publishers to say to their readers.

Get Started Blogging Today!

So, all social media links can help your site’s optimization both directly and indirectly to increase rankings in the search engines. The benefits of social media links feed into SEO performance because it increases important content exposure.  Join all of the social media relevant and important to your business as a factoring and alternative commerciLearn how to set up automated posting to