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More and more home-based entrepreneurs and mobile creatives are discovering factoring and the under-the-radar opportunity known as “factoring broker” which is commercial finance consulting if practiced on a career / professional level.  But though the business of brokering in this lucrative industry as a true freelance consultant is rapidly growing, the vast majority of those that get involved do so on a more occasional “referrer” basis.  And for those that are more interested in just learning a little about factoring, how it works, and then being able to refer a cash-starved business owner for financing, IACFB (the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) provides you training through the new PAL Referrer Program here at the IACFB Magazine.

Referrer  vs. the Sponsored Agent Program:  What’s the Difference?

There are many types of individuals that discover the opportunities to earn income by referring clients to lenders.  At IACFB, those individuals were viewed as two distinct groups of people:

  1. REFERRERS:  Individuals with little or no training or any real business or operation.  They invest nothing in their business and are a bit “in the dark” when it comes to the business.
  2. AGENTS:  This with an action home-business, some training, a professional website and at least an online marketing strategy.  Agents are most often “Sponsored”.

NEW Members Referrers Training Programs

Through IACFB Membership, “Referrers” can now access training and marketing support using three areas:

  1. YouTube and the IACFB Magazine:  This provides completely FREE training and offers all the “basics” of the business required to earn commissions and referral fees.
  2. IACFB Membership, Boot Camp, and the PAL Program:  This takes referrer training and marketing support to a new level. Although not completely without cost, this option only requires IACFB Membership which is minimal.  And the GREAT NEW NEWS is that the PAL option provides web support without cost!

The Referrers Program is a course anyone can take using videos as well as well as articles here at the magazine.  The differences are simply..

  • The IACFB Members Referrers Program is set out with Boot Camp articles here at the magazine rather than an actual course with “lessons” at the IACFB Academy
  • You do not have a sponsor to take this course
  • The PAL component provides referrers with a web component without the cost and upkeep
  • This course is completely FREE for IACFB Members and is used for networkers, bloggers, bookkeepers, etc.

Just like the Sponsored Agent Program, this MEMBERS Referrer program is designed strictly as a program for “part-timers” and those actively involved in networking.  That not only includes social media such as those involved with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but also those individual that involved in the community in clubs and organizations such as Rotary, Lion’s, Elks, etc.  In fact, any club or organization that provides you with periodic meetings where you meet others and engage in conversation is the perfect venue to earn commission income as a “Referrer”.

Sponsored Agent Program

The Sponsored Agent Program at IACFB Academy answers the question…“How can I earn a commission as an occasional industry referrer by simply being at the right place, at the right time, and being armed with the right knowledge to close a deal?”  In a nutshell, that is the Sponsored Agent Program at IACFB.

As a Sponsored Agent at the Academy Campus, you are provided with a…

  • comprehensive training program at the Academy and using all sections of the basic factoring course in Factoring 101
  • The 200 page Factoring 101 Training Guide (PDF)
  • Sponsored Agent stand alone website, hosting, and domain
  • Lead generating VIDEO sales person
  • standard lead-generating “offer” of the “When Banks Say No” factoring booklet for business owners

This program at IACFB Academy is a unique program for members or recruits of our career oriented freelance brokers.  This program only requires that you have a “Sponsor”.   Sponsors are selected from…

  • the IACFB’s Freelance Professional Consultants who request interested agents by placing ads on the IACFB Factoring Broker Group on LinkedIn.
  • Factors interested utilizing IACFB for training their agent / broker
  • IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program

Regardless of the sponsor, the program provides each agent with a professionally designed WordPress Landing Page with a lead-generating VIDEO salesperson.  This powerful VIDEO guides the WordPress Landing Page visitors to download a FREE booklet (the “FREE Factoring Guide”).  Once the visitor downloads the booklet, your sponsor follows up with a call and prospects the business owner regarding factoring, asset-based revolving lines of credit, inventory finance, or other financing products.

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