Free Factoring Broker Training: Selecting Your Sponsor

More and more home-based entrepreneurs and mobile creatives are discovering factoring and the under-the-radar opportunity known as “factoring broker” which is commercial finance consulting if practiced on a career / professional level.  But though the business of brokering in this lucrative industry as a true freelance consultant is rapidly growing, the vast majority of those that get involved do so on a more occasional “referrer” basis.  And for those that are more interested in just learning a little about factoring, how it works, and then being able to periodically refer a cash-starved business owner to a factor for an attractive commission, IACFB (the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) provides you training through the “Registered Guest Program” at IACFB Academy.

The Registered Guest Program

The Registered Guest Program at IACFB Academy an answers the question…“How can I earn a commission as an occasional industry referrer by simply being at the right place, at the right time, and being armed with the right knowledge to close a deal?”  In a nutshell, that is the Registered Guest Program at IACFB.

As a Registered Guest at the Academy Campus, you are provided with…

  • a Comprehensive training using the basic factoring course in Factoring 101 Program
  • Access to IACFB’s LinkedIn Group
  • Access to IACFB’s YouTube Channel
  • Access to IACFB’s Factoring Broker Magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants
  • An introduction to an industry business development officer who will work with you as you submit your first commissionable deals

This complementary program at IACFB Academy is free and only requires that you have a “Sponsor”.  Sponsors are selected from the IACFB’s American Directory of Factors and Lenders with nearly 500 industry lenders that IACFB members can access at any time to make certain they can find the right lender for the right time….every time.  For IACFB’s Registered Guest program, which focuses on strictly the factoring product (and it’s lucrative residual commission payments), IACFB selects industry factoring experts and their BDOs (Business Development Officers) that provide you, brokers and referrers, with a “Spotlight Showcase”, to help you to choose the right sponsor for you.

How to Select Your Sponsor

Selecting your sponsor for the Registered Guest Program is easy.  All program sponsors are included in the list of factors included in the “In the Spotlight” column / section in the magazine home page.  To select your sponsor, view the magazines front page and from the MENU, select ARTICLE CATEGORIES > LENDERS SPOTLIGHT.  You will then see the complete listing of spotlighted lenders.  Although all lenders featured in the “Spotlight” are not sponsors for the FREE Registered Guest Program, simply scroll to the bottom of that lenders showcase to see if the lenders is a program sponsor.  If that is your lender of your choice, write it down when you apply for the FREE program at IACFB Academy Orientation.