What is the IACFB Sponsored Agent Program?

The 2023 IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is a unique program for the brand new to the industry as well as existing part-time factoring brokers and cash flow consultants.  It represents a “semi-partnership”  which features mentoring and marketing support by IACFB staff.  With Sponsored Agent, we do everything to help you succeed and to get your first deal including your first monthly residual commission payments.  IACFB’s Sponsored Agent Program features include…

  • Special DataMax Sponsored Agent Website  (See Sample)
  • Powerful Video Salesman
  • Active Blog
  • Full Training Access to Campus IACFB  (101, 202)

The IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is a “how-to” mentored program and teaches you how to open your consultancy and get started on a “professional basis”.  To enter the program, you must…

  • You MUST be a member at LinkedIn.  We highly also recommend Twitter
  • You MUST take the training “Proficiency Exam”
  • You must have a home office with normal computer and internet

How the IACFB Sponsored Agent Works

The IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is a semi-mentored program / partnership with IACFB that helps you build your vitally important networks as a broker.  Successful freelance brokers must build networks for lead sources as well as lists of prospective clients.  With the Sponsored Agent Program, we will help you build your networks with…

  • bankers and local lenders
  • local accounting professionals
  • factors and lenders
  • local S.C.O.R.E. and SBDCs  (Small Business Development Centers)
  • sub-broker agents  (very important)

All of the above is accomplished through your FREE membership on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media as well as your local opportunities for face-to-face networking.  Not only does IACFB help, but we make certain you are “noticed”.  We show you exactly how to “connect” and start building those critically important networks which will generate leads and ultimately clients.  We show you EXACTLY how to do it.  Your job with this program is lead-generation…plain and simple.  The unique special website helps you generate the leads with the VIDEO salesman and the FREE offer (booklet). Wants the booklet is dispensed, IACFB takes over and follows up on the lead to try o land the deal.  It’s that simple.

How IACFB Helps You Succeed

Under the Certified Agent Program, you have multiple ways to generate leads to prospect.  We help you build your networks IACFB focuses on one specific lead generator which is your NEW Video Salesperson and it works this way.

  • Through building your networks, IACFB assists you in driving visitors to your Sponsored Agent website
  • Your Video Salesperson Explains the Benefits of Factoring
  • Your Video Salesperson Offer the FREE booklet…”When Banks Say NO”…the Small Business Guide to Factoring
  • When the visitor downloads the FREE booklet, both you and IACFB staff are notified
  • IACFB follows up with the visitor with a phone call and offers a FREE Terms and Conditions Letter (Proposal)
  • You enter the prospect in your CRM (Pipedrive) and it is setup in your deal tracking in Pipedrive
  • If the prospect becomes a commission-generating client, the Sponsored Agent and IACFB shares the factoring fees or other commissions

Fee and Commission Sharing

IACFB’s fee sharing arrangement is very modest and straight forward

  • Factoring Clients:  Standard Industry Commission (10% of Factoring Fees Earned Earned)
  • Other Types of Clients (ABL etc.):  50%  – 50% Split of Commissions Earned IACFB

NOTE:  The Broker is able to “Sell Away” from the Agent Site without the sharing arrangement.  Certified Agents earns 100% since IACFB is not involved.

Affiliate Marketing Fees Earned and Sub-Broker Referrer Network

Building a network of “sub-agents” under this program is a not only an import task for lead-generation but is also a great source of revenue for the broker.

Every Sponsored Agent website has a “Referrals Page” since you actively solicit those you meet on LinkedIn, Twitter and locally to send you referrals.  Those leads given to you that develop into a client should be recognized for the referral.  Typically that is $100 Gift Certificate to a fine local restaurant.

The Sponsored Agent program takes referrals to a whole new level, giving you the ability generate additional refers (agents) to IACFB.  As an agent of IACFB, you are provided with your own personal affiliate link.  Your “Special Website” includes this link for those that are interest in joining the program.  When using your personal link when signing up…you earn the affiliate bonus.

The “BONUS” of this lead-generating program is that the cost of setup for the training and website landing page for each new agent you sign up is $99.95.  You, as the IACFB Sponsored Agent earns 25% of the cost for the new agent’s program ($25) plus you earn 25% of the monthly hosting fees).

How to Sign Up for Certified Agent

Signing up for IACFB Certified Agent Program is easy.  If you are currently a NON-MEMBER of IACFB…

  • NON-IACFB MEMBER:  Join IACFB.  We have kept the MEMBERSHIP at $99.95 plus $4.95 subscription.  (Click Red BUTTON Below)
  • ONCE A MEMBER, STUDY THE MATERIAL AND TAKE THE CERTIFICATION EXAM:  We will hold your selected territory you’ve elected.

Get More Information

We have provided several recorded podcasts specifically for this program over at the IACFB Academy.  Click the button below to view.