All About Your Username and Passwords at IACFB

Login Information

As a new IACFB Member, you will have “Credentials”.  Credentials include several USERNAMES and PASSWORDS you will use to access certain areas at IACFB.  These will include areas here at the IACFB Magazine, the Broker Training and Support facility at the Academy, access to your IACFB WordPress Broker Website, access to your email, access to your cPanel and your access to DataMax Hosting.

Your “Master” Member’s Credentials

When you request and initially become a member (free) at IACFB, you will receive a “MASTER” USERNAME and PASSWORD via email.  These will be your standard credentials for…

  • login here at the magazine (free)
  • login at the Training Academy if you become an Academy Member and are attending
  • login for your WordPress website dashboard if you have purchase a broker / consultant website

These are initially provided to you through IACFB / DataMax and these will not change unless you request it. these will remain the same as you advance through our training system.   We always keep a record of these but, as we say, these can be easily changed if you request.

Your Email Box Login Credentials

If you have opted for an IACFB Broker / Consultant website through DataMax, you will have at least 5 email boxes provided for you. You can access any email box from any browser using these this URL (http://webmail.yourdomain) Replace “your domain” with your actual website domain) and these credentials.

  • USERNAME:  Enter the full email address you are checking
  • PASSWORD:  Enter your Master Credentials Password provided for you

Your cPanel Login Credentials

If you have purchased an agent, factoring broker, MCA ISO, or commercial finance consultant website from DataMax, you will have been provided with a cPanel control panel that is addition to your WordPress Dashboard.  You can access your cPanel through your personal dashboard at DataMax Hosting or you can access your cPanel though any browser.  Click here to request your cPanel credentials.

Your DataMax Hosting Credentials

If you have become an Academy Member or you are hosting a website with IACFB, you will have DataMax login credentials.  Your login at DataMax Hosting provides you access to your personal dashboard at our WHMCS platform.  This is an important “payment” platform where…

  • your USERNAME:  Your email provided to DataMax when you set up your account.  DO NOT CHANGE!
  • your PASSWORD:  Confidential and set by you when you set up your hosting account.  DO NOT LOSE!

Your dashboard at DataMax allows you to update your credit card on file for hosting, order new services, create work tickets for repairs, provide immediate access to your cPanel and email boxes.  We do not have access to your PASSWORD.  Although there is a recovery method, many email providers such as YAHOO block such recovery systems.  When you set up your DataMax account, keep your Username and Password in a safe place and where you will not misplace or lose it.