All About Your Username and Passwords at IACFB

Login Information

Welcome to IACFB and our magazine.

As a new IACFB Member, you will have “Credentials”.  Credentials include a USERNAME and PASSWORD you will use to access certain areas at IACFB.  Among others, these will consist of the Boot Camp area here at the IACFB Magazine and the Broker Training and Support facility at the IACFB Academy.

Your “Master” Member’s Credentials

When you initially become a member (free) at IACFB, you will receive a “MASTER” USERNAME and PASSWORD via email.  These will be your standard credentials for

  • log in here at the magazine (free)
  • login at the Training Academy if you become an Academy Member and are attending
  • log in for your WordPress website dashboard if you have purchased a broker/consultant website

Rest assured, your credentials are initially provided to you automatically through IACFB / DataMax. They will remain the same as you progress through our training system, ensuring a seamless experience.   We always keep a record of these, but remember, they can be easily changed if you request.

Accessing Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a basic and FREE training area here at IACFB magazine and is provided for our newest members entering the industry part-time. You can view Boot Camp by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the magazine’s home page. Boot Camp articles are displayed in a “carousel” slider, but you must have logged in as a member to read the content. 

Boot Camp quickly provides you with the tools to operate as an industry referrer, agent, or sponsored agent so you can begin earning a share of the residual, life-or-account commission income that attracts so many to our industry. 

Joining IACFB’s Broker Group on LinkedIn

In addition to enjoying your membership to the magazine and beginning a career in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry, it is vitally important that you join the IACFB Group on LinkedIn. The IACFB’s Group on LinkedIn acts as our “Members Forum.” Although we will also periodically contact you via email, the IACFB Group on LinkedIn is essential for lead-lead generation marketing. It is, of course, completely FREE.