Running Effective Canvassing Campaigns

For factoring brokers and consultants, canvassing campaigns for lead generation  refer to a proactive and systematic approach to reaching out to potential customers or clients. It involves direct, and most often face-to-face engagement with businesses owners to generate interest in your services and to gather information that will ultimately lead them to become clients.  Although canvassing, from a purely definitional standpoint, can take various forms, its the door-to-door visits method to business owners that most factoring brokers find to be, by far, the most beneficial in business development and here’s why.

  1. Personal Connection:
    • Door-to-door canvassing allows factoring brokers to establish a personal connection with potential clients. Face-to-face interactions can build trust and credibility, crucial elements in financial services.
  2. Targeted Approach:
    • Visiting businesses in commercial business parks and similar areas enables factoring brokers to target specific industries or businesses that may benefit from factoring services, ensuring a more tailored and focused outreach.
  3. Immediate Feedback:
    • Canvassing provides the opportunity for real-time feedback. Brokers can address concerns, answer questions, and gather valuable insights, allowing for immediate adjustments to their approach.
  4. Visibility and Brand Recognition:
    • Physically visiting businesses increases visibility and brand recognition. When done consistently, it helps establish a presence in the local business community, making the broker’s services more memorable.
  5. Overcoming Objections:
    • Door-to-door canvassing allows brokers to address objections or misconceptions directly and immediately, fostering a better understanding of the benefits of factoring and overcoming potential barriers to adoption.

Importance of a Small Handout

Using canvassing campaigns are not only incredibly effective as lead generators, but they are also very low cost methods of direct marketing. One of the most important tools of your canvassing campaigns is to include a small handout.  Small, yet powerful handouts provide…

  1. Tangible Reminders:
    • Providing a small handout, such as a brochure that includes your business card, serves as a tangible reminder of the interaction. It includes essential contact information and highlights key benefits, reinforcing the factoring broker’s value proposition.
  2. Professional Image:
    • A well-designed handout enhances the broker’s professional image. It showcases the services offered, testimonials, and any unique selling points, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.
  3. Reference Material:
    • The handout serves as reference material for potential clients to review at their convenience. This can be particularly useful when decision-makers need time to consider the services offered before making a commitment.

For Effectiveness, Consider Running Canvass Campaigns in Local Commercial Business Parks

Most cities of any size have areas designated as Commercial Business Parks.  For brokers, commercial business parks are a goldmine off easily targeted opportunity.

  1. Plan Routes Strategically:
    • Identify key commercial business parks and plan canvassing routes strategically. Prioritize areas with businesses that align with the target market for factoring services.
  2. Professional Appearance:
    • Dress professionally to convey competence and reliability. First impressions matter, and a polished appearance enhances the broker’s credibility during face-to-face interactions.
  3. Engage in Conversations:
    • Approach businesses with a friendly and open demeanor. Initiate conversations to understand their financial needs and challenges, and then position factoring services as a solution.
  4. Use a Script:
    • Develop a concise and effective script that introduces the factoring services, highlights key benefits, and addresses common questions or concerns. Practice the script to ensure a confident delivery.
  5. Collect Contact Information:
    • Request contact information from interested businesses to facilitate follow-up. This may include email addresses or phone numbers for sending additional information or scheduling follow-up appointments.

Timing for Opportunity

Most Commercial Business Parks feature a convenient small restaurant in the park or very close at hand where most business owners eat lunch or enjoy an after hours cocktail.  Plan your canvassing so that it coincides with the noon hour or 5:00.  When you’re done with canvassing, meeting owner and handing out information, position yourself in one of the local lunch or after hours emporiums.  While most owners can not provide you with a great deal of time when you initially stop in, they’ll have more time during lunch or after hours to talk.

How to Follow Up:

  1. Timely Follow-Up:
    • Follow up promptly after the initial canvassing visit. Send a personalized email or make a phone call to express appreciation for the conversation and reiterate the benefits of factoring.
  2. Provide Additional Information:
    • Share additional materials, such as case studies or success stories, to further illustrate the positive impact of factoring on businesses similar to theirs.
  3. Schedule Follow-Up Meetings:
    • If there is expressed interest, schedule follow-up meetings to delve deeper into the potential client’s specific needs and provide a more detailed overview of the factoring process.
  4. Address Questions and Concerns:
    • Be prepared to address any questions or concerns that may have arisen during the initial canvassing visit. Clear communication is key to building trust.
  5. Maintain Consistent Communication:
    • Stay in regular contact with potential clients, providing updates on industry trends, relevant news, or any additional services that may be of interest. Consistent communication helps nurture the relationship over time.

By leveraging the benefits of door-to-door canvassing, utilizing small handouts effectively, and implementing a strategic follow-up process, factoring brokers can establish a strong presence in commercial business parks and cultivate valuable relationships with potential clients.  In the ANNEX in Factoring 202 at IACFB Academy, there are many direct marketing tools that can be used to help you in preparing successful lead-generating canvassing campaigns.