Factoring Training Campus (Quick Guide)

With the overall amount of training material and options, we know it can get a little confusing and especially during the mid year upgrade.  Below is a “QUICK GUIDE” to assist those new to the industry to help choose the right program based on your goals.

  • REGISTERED GUEST (Free…just requires registration):  Learn the very basics of the exciting factoring and the opportunities that exist to become a “referrer” and begin earning commission income.
  • SPONSORED AGENT / FACTORING 101 (Part-Time / Requires a sponsor and training):  Two ways to go here.  You can choose to be sponsored by an existing professional broker from the academy or can choose to be sponsored by IACFB’s wholesale.   Professional Broker ($60 per year with PROMO)  IACFB Wholesale ($99.95 setup plus website hosting)  (Explore here)
  • COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANT PROGRAM (Professional / Freelance / Full Time):  This is the IACFB program that provides those entrepreneurs that are “serious” about learning the business and becoming “TOP TIER” industry professionals.

With the opening of the “Academy Facility”, all functions of the Factoring 101 / Sponsored Agent Program will be handled by the new beautiful Academy as we roll all Sponsored Agents into the greatly expanded IACFB Wholesale.  More training with videos and a new series of mini-websites with blog will make the Sponsored Agent program perfect for all those home-based entrepreneurs wanting to begin earning their fair share of the factoring industry’s near-legendary residual, life of account commission income.

Campus Upgrade

Along with the new “Academy” for Factoring 101, the training Campus will be given a new look with some powerful new features for this Freelance Professional Program with…

  • More functions for our CRM of choice, Pipedrive
  • Built in “Starter” blog articles included with all FB-Series websites
  • Two (2) Cash Flow Product pages that can be inserted into all FB-Series websites (optional)
  • More marketing support from the Magazine specifically for IACFB Members which is currently being upgraded to an in-house publication

Magazine Going Private

With the nearly completed upgrade to both the new Academy as well as the cornerstone training facility at the Campus, it is time to upgrade the content available to members here at the magazine.  Though all articles will still be viewable to our “Registered Guests” here at IACFB so they can learn more, those guests privileges will now be available only for 1o days.  The new magazine will provide much, much more content, however, for all Sponsored Agents (Factoring 101) and our professional Freelance Commercial Finance Consultants.

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