15 Reasons to Launch a Home-Based Factoring Broker Business Now!

As a home-based business opportunity, launching a freelance consultancy in factoring and alternative commercial finance has few equals…at least for those individuals that can be termed self-starters and mobile creatives.  And with the COVID pandemic now finally winding down and more and more small business owners requiring some form of creative financing to become operational once more, the opportunities for factoring industry brokers and consultants to start and grow a business have never been greater.  True, though the associated startup costs of launching any home-based consulting business have to be considered in the post-COVID economy, the good news is that launching a factoring consultancy is a relatively inexpensive venture featuring very modest training costs and with most entrepreneurs already having the necessary home office equipment and services (computer, printer, internet connection) required to get started.  

With it’s near-legendary residual commission payments for referrals and for those with the drive and motivation to start a home-business, be their own boss, and begin earning a share of those life-of-account commissions, investing the time and effort necessary to learn more about factoring and how to become an industry broker is certainly worth the trouble.  Consider that freelance brokers…

  1. have complete flexibility of how much and how often they work
  2. can develop business in a variety of ways and are in complete control of their marketing costs
  3. benefit from low operating overhead due the home-based nature of the business
  4. can secure financial independence and build books of residual income business due to the industry’s unique compensation programs
  5. can operate as a small, home-based, one person shop or expand and develop their business with “sub-brokers” under an agency concept
  6. set their own deadlines and goals
  7. can launch their business part-time while still working in a conventional 9-5 job
  8. can work from anywhere (worldwide) with today’s state-of-the-art online connectivity and technology
  9. enjoy complete job security and work within a recession resistant industry
  10. typically have a high degree of professional recognition and “expert status” within their community
  11. can develop the skills necessary for industry success at their own pace and at very low cost
  12. enjoy many of the tax benefits that come with a home-based business enterprise
  13. can, due to the industry’s residual income, enjoy lengthy vacations and time off once their business is established and successful
  14. enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes with helping other small business entrepreneurs grow their companies and meet their goals
  15. can experience a significant improvement in overall quality of life

Home-based business opportunities come in a rainbow of colors and flavors but few exhibit the attractiveness and unique characteristics of consulting in factoring and alternative commercial finance.  Be advised that no formal education or random collection of college level courses will completely prepare you for this career path.  It takes ambitious individuals with an eye on success to meet the industry’s challenges.  Those that accept these challenges, however, will find this industry to be which is actually quite easy to enter and one which exhibits almost unlimited opportunity.

Although almost anyone can enter this industry on some level and generate a share of the factoring industry’s near-legendary residual commission income, it takes comprehensive training and perseverance for success.  And one of the most popular and affordable to access training and the necessary support to become an industry factoring broker is through the Sponsored Agents Program offered through the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers).  Visit IACFB for more information on programs and pricing at http://www.iacfb.academy.