Commission Gold: Targeting Security / Guard Companies

Factoring Security Companies

In today’s world, what type of business doesn’t need security?  Business owners not only need to protect valuable customers, but also find the need to protect their own workers and staff, valuable machinery. real assets, and more. Security companies deter any potential threats before they develop and in today’s world, if you value your business it seems you’ll find security guards are always a necessity.

For brokers and business finance consultants, you will often find that security guard companies will be perfect examples of the what we all know to be the prospective client where a small to mid-size security company with significant payroll obligations will provide services to large creditworthy customers.  A perfect scenario for factoring that can provide capital for…

  • Meet payroll obligations
  • Expanding its staff
  • Offer longer payment terms to current and potential customers
  • Comfortably market to larger accounts knowing you have the cash available
  • Increase marketing efforts
  • Cover unexpected equipment costs
  • Purchase new supplies or repair vehicles

There are also all types of security companies with creditworthy customers that can make perfect factoring clients.  Security companies that work for…

  • The local and federal government
  • Large gated communities
  • School systems, colleges and universities
  • High technology companies
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Commercial real property, hotels, commercial facilities
  • Community vehicle patrol
  • Shopping centers
  • Banks and financial institutions

Making Lists of Security Companies in Pipedrive

With security companies evidencing the most common reasons why B2B business owners employ factoring (small client providing services to large, creditworthy customers) and with security companies most often have large payroll, you simply cannot go wrong when marketing to security and guard services and this is a great prospecting list to build and enter in your Pipedrive CRM.  This is a direct marketing campaign that justifies the cost of direct mail simply because the demographics perfectly meet those that describe the perfect factoring client.  Consider the use of:

  • A mail stuffer with a standard cover letter
  • Invitation card with the URL of an article in your blog in crime statistics, etc.
  • Door hanger with a current blog article

Check with IACFB for a Sample Blog Article

As clients, security companies are the type of service companies that make very good prospects so you will be able to “copy and paste” a sample blog article you can insert into your IACFB FB-Series website.  New links to these blog posts are available in the Factoring 202 section at the Campus.

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