2024 IFA Factoring Conference in Miami Beach

Factoring Confenrence

The International Factoring Association will host its 30th Annual Factoring Conference which will be held from May 1 to 3, 2024, at the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. This annual IFA event us at the epicenter of the world’s largest gathering commercial finance firms dedicated exclusively in providing Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing.  While this event is well known as the most presigious conference for banks and those firms providing commercial factoring services, it is also a invaluiable cornerstone opportunity for professional commercial finance consultants to network with lenders and learn more about this exciting indusatry.  As always, exhibition space is already SOLD OUT with nearly 100 lenders and industry service providers that are sponsoring and exhibiting this year.

Who Should Attend This Premier Event?

IFA’s core mission is to provide the factoring community with cutting-edge resources, advanced training and substantial procurement advantages.  It is a centralized hub of knowledge and support for all in the factoring industry.  Established in 1999, the International Factoring Association has consistently served as a powerful and highly recognized platform for member organizations to convene, deliberate on pertinent issues, exchange best practices, disseminate vital information, and advocate for a unified voice within the marketplace.  This is a highly professional event and is attemded by factors, banks, and others alternative lenders each and every year.   Consider attending if you are…

COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANTS (CFC):  Yet, beyond its traditional audience, the IFA’s annual gathering extends an invitation to an often-overlooked cohort: professional commercial finance consultants.  Far from a mere footnote, this prestigious event presents an exhilarating opportunity for consultants to network with and learn from top industry professionals. This event features the top eschelon of firms involved with global commerce.  Attending as a professional CFC mean you’ll be unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge, networking opportunities, and new avenues for professional growth. With its unrivaled blend of expertise and excitement, the IFA Annual Factoring Conference emerges not only as a must-attend event for seasoned practitioners but also as a compelling rendezvous for true professional commercial finance consultants eager to take their business to the next level in commercial factoring.

THOSE EXPLORING MICRO-FACTORING:  For commercial finance consultants eyeing a transition to the realm of “Micro Factoring,” the IFA’s annual conference offers an unparalleled platform for exploration and garnering the knowledge to get your foot in the door to the industry. As consultants contemplate the shift towards providing factoring finance on a local scale to small business owners often overlooked by larger firms, the IFA’s onference becomes a veritable treasure trove of insights and opportunities. With a diverse array of lectures, workshops, and networking sessions tailored to address the nuances of micro-factoring, attendees are empowered to delve deep into the intricacies of this highly specialized niche. From deciphering regulatory frameworks to mastering customer acquisition strategies tailored to local markets, the conference equips consultants with the knowledge and connections essential for a successful transition. Moreover, this annual event provides a vibrant atmosphere which you will find pulsating with entrepreneurial spirit. It offers inspiration and a new found camaraderie that will offer consultants a real live look at the possibilies and incredible opportinities found in micro-factoring  In fact, like many before you, you may find this  IFA’s annual gathering the place where professional consultants find themselves on the precipice of a transformative journey towards becoming important links in providing capital on a local level for small business success.

Event Facility:  Fountainebleau Hotel Miani

Fontainebleau is a guest experience like few others incorporating a striking design, contemporary art, music, fashion and technology which merges into one.  Here you will enter a world of endless possibilities. Fountainebleau is oceanfront on Collins Avenue in the heart of Millionaire’s Row and is one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels on Miami Beach.

Fountainebleau Hotel