The Recession is Coming. How Will You Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

With another bank failing over the weekend (Republic) and with the tech sector continuing to implode with hundreds of thousands of  pink slips, it now seems the layoffs officially have arrived in the retail sector as well with even GAP and Walmart announcing big layoffs.  When it comes to opportunities in factoring, however, history will repeat and things will be looking up and up for factors (and their brokers) as small businesses search for hard to find capital.

Recessions are literally golden opportunities for brokers to build their businesses exponentially and these economic downturns are always time to double down on your marketing efforts.  So the reality is, the recession is coming…(or already here) and Biden, who has steered us so perfectly to the edge of  this inflationary / recessionary economy says he’s running again.  As a factoring broker, the times are shaping up to be good….VERY GOOD!   So are you behind Joe / Kamala or not?