Sponsored Agents: How to Find a Freelance Factoring Broker to Sponsor You

For those home-based entrepreneurs that predominantly enter the industry starting off with discount notes and mortgages, the vast majority find that brokering real estate notes is simply not enough.  In fact, the cash flow industry simply offers too many more opportunities to stick only to discount notes commission.  Some products, such as structured settlement, inheritance advance, and other consumer commission are common cash products.  But the must common area of expansion and by far the most lucrative area of income for brokers is that of commercial finance brokering and operating as a business loan / factoring broker.  Business finance is very lucrative and there are several ways to train and get started in this most area.  One of the easiest and least costly methods to get started is to “team” up as a “sponsored agent” working with an existing factoring broker as a full time IACFB commercial finance consultant.

How to Find a “Sponsor”

As a Cash Flow Broker or Mortgage Note Broker, the way to get the minimum training to learn how to refer business owner to banks and specialty lenders is to “learn to ropes” quickly from those professionals full time consultants that have sponsored agent programs.  Those that sponsor provide IACFB training as well as a special Word Press in-house landing page that can provide all you do need to get started.  All you need is the “sponsor” and to find one, the quickest way to locate a consultant is the IACFB Group on LinkedIn.  Full time Commercial Consultants that offer programs for agents will periodically advertise for new trainees by running information with links from the IACFB Group.  You MUST, however, do have a SPONSER to access the IACFB special agent program and promo discount for the WordPress Landing Page to help you to generate leads (and earn commissions)