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Current Promotion at IACFB Magazine: 

IACFB SPONSORED AGENT $25.00 and $25.00 Promotion

There’s BIG News for those ready to get there foot in the door as IACFB with the $25 and $25 Sponsored Agent Promotion.  Get involved with factoring with…

  • $25.00 OFF:  Regularly $99.95, no just $74.95 using PROMO CODE “FB-2499”
  • $25.00 DataMax Affiliate Commission:  Start earning DataMax Affiliate Commissions
  • IACFB Factoring 101 “Lite” Training at the IACFB Academy
  • DataMax WordPress Landing Page

This is how you get your “foot in the door” with factoring for under $100 and EVEN LESS with the Roll Out of the new Academy October 1st.  Get trained and get your WordPress Landing Page operational so you can take full advantage of the first Affiliates Contest announce with the opening October 1st.