New Affiliates Program at IACFB

Affiliates Programs are great ways to earn additional streams of income and IACFB has teamed up with DataMax Marketing to now offer affiliates earnings and commissions to all IACFB Freelance Factoring Consultants and even for the very low cost Sponsored Agent’s Program.  To participate in the program. you only need to be an existing DataMax client and have your hosting current on your FB-Series Freelance Broker Website, SA-Series, Sponsored Agent Landing Page, or any Cash Flow Broker or Mortgage Note Broker website.  To sign up, simply log into your account at DataMax Hosting and from your client dashboard, select “AFFILIATES” to display your personal “Affiliates Link”.  That’s it!

What Your Earn

With the new IACFB / Affiliates program pays commissions at a rate of 25% for all referrals to IACFB training for both the Freelance Program and Sponsored Agent Program

  • 25% of all program setup fees (freelance and agent)
  • 25% of all hosting fees (freelance and agent)
  • Link Cookie:  60 days
  • Payout:  $100 or more

Perfect for Freelance Agencies

This is the perfect program for IACFB Freelance Factoring Brokers that are building their referral agencies using the IACFB special agent training and recruiting new Sponsored Agents.  Freelance Brokers will earn affiliate commissions on each new agent they bring on board while they build these powerful lead-generating networks.  The IACFB training programs makes it very easy to train candidates and realistically, agent goals of 100 referrers or more attainable.  For complete details on these income generating program for freelancers, log into the NEW Factoring 303 training at the new IACFB Academy.  Factoring 303 provides the complete training package and step-b-step instructions on not only the “how-tos” of building this important network, but how you can earn very attractive affiliate commission when doing do/