IACFB New YouTube Channel

For those always seeking more information that even our exceptional magazine can offer, IACFB has not launched a NEW YouTube Channel for “newbies”.  The new YouTube Channel will feature videos in two primary list, one for Freelance Career Brokers and Consultants as well as our important network of Sponsored Agents.  The new network will primary feature contain short videos and clips that will help new home business entrepreneurs judge for themselves if a career as a freelance professional broker / consultants or a referrer as a Sponsored Agent is a good choice and a right fit for your circumstances.  Although it’s too early to tell how effective it will be, this channel is one where existing brokers and even factors can comment and add content under each of the videos to help some of the newest brokers along their way.

For Sponsored Agents

Although there will be an abundance of content regarding our Freelance Program, this new channel at YouTube will focus heavily on our Sponsored Agents to make them more and more effective.  We will be adding videos as “explainers” to new articles as they are posted on the IACFB Magazine which should greatly enhance the effectiveness of the learning experience.

We have already started to load the first videos.  Take a moment to view the first available and make certain to SUBSCRIBE when you view the contents on the new YouTube channel