Hurricane Ian Disaster Factoring Opportunities

All professional factoring and alternative commercial finance brokers and consultants are well aware of the importance of their unique financing programs and their necessity for survival to small business owners in times of natural disasters.  For small B2B business owners, factoring programs alone can be the solution for companies that are faced with increased payroll needs and funding when all of their customers are in the “same boat” with cash in limited supply when trying o make timely invoice payments for critical goods and services. Business owners in such tough times, are well aware of the need to extend credit to cash-strapped customers which will allow them to stay in business and remain viable customers in the long term.  It goes without saying, factoring and other alternative commercial financing tools, are “essential” for small business entrepreneurs as refer

Opportunities for Brokers and Consultants

The recent hurricane disaster of epic proportions facing tens of thousands of small business owners means cash flow financing will be required to stay in business.  Ian’s damage caused to many counties is significant and not only will there be the need for millions and millions of sub-contractor finance required, but also for hundreds of other business types who will be billing slow-paying government programs for disaster relief funds.  IACFB has had significant factoring experience factoring invoices payable with government agencies such as FEMA and DOD and while these funds are much needed by government contractors, it is not unusual for businesses to be waiting 60 days to 90 days before funding is received.  Having unlimited funds from factors for payroll will be essential.  Freelance brokers should log into the training campus to refresh your knowledge regarding the requirements required for successfully setting up sub-contractor factoring accounts.  All social media is “alive” with important conversations about Hurricane Ian and the damage it has caused and for those that have taken the time to build their networks of “referrers” and your well-trained Sponsored Agents are now in the positions to send you significant “Sales Qualitied Leads” from social media referrals.

Opportunities for Sponsored Agents 

For those home business entrepreneurs that have been exploring the opportunities as “referrers” to IACFB and / or IACFB-trained Freelance Brokers, we can assure your that this is the time to get involved in the industry.  With a cost of under $100, you will never find a better opportunity to start a “professional” home business with opportunities to build a clientele that will now provide you with “residual” commissions and life-of-account earnings.  IACFB Academy can provide you with the training in the mechanism of invoice factoring.  With this valuable Academy training course, you will learn how you can show cash-starved business owners struggling to survive one of Florida’s post-hurricane disaster with you the ability to help with the most ready source of working capital when they need it most. Whether you work with one of our career freelance brokers or with IACFB itself, you can now build a clientele of small business owners needing positive cash flow solutions during Florida’s current demand for critical cleanup and repair.

Invoice factoring for natural disaster clean-up work is perfect for many of the types of work that must be done following a disaster.  Become part of the solution by becoming a Sponsored Agent with training through the Academy at IACFB.