Factor’s Agent Program at Campus IACFB

Agents Program at Campus IACFB

What is the Factor’s Agent Program?

The Factor’s Agent Program at Campus IACFB is an introductory training program for the partners and referrers of industry factors.  It allows factoring companies to build networks of referrers by offering free basic factoring training through IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers)

How the Factors Agent Program Works

The Factors Agent Program is virtually identical to IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program with four important exceptions:

  1. Whereas IACFB’s Agent’s Program is included with membership, the Factor’s Agent’s Program can be provided FREE.
  2. The IACFB Agent’s Program includes the 5-star Factoring 101 Brokers Guide (PDF), the Factor’s Agent’s Program does not.
  3. IACFB’s Agent’s Program has commissions capped at 10% of the factoring fees, while the Factor’s Agent’s Program may be slightly higher.
  4. The IACFB’s Program training is accessible to all members.  The Factor’s Agent’s Program is time limited (10 Day Guest Pass) 

The Factors Agents Program is a very simple program whereby factors can provide their sources of referral with basic training in accounts receivable factoring (our Factoring 101 “Lite” training classes).  This is a great basic training resource for:

  • bookkeepers, tax preparers, CPAs and other accounting professionalsLead Generation
  • business consultants
  • lease brokers
  • insurance professionals
  • business law professionals including bankruptcy attorneys
  • startup freelance brokers

With IACFB’s Factoring 101 “Lite” training, factors can build very large referral networks by offering FREE training to members of the above groups.   There is no limit to referrals.  The only program caveat is that all agent trainees must be referred by an IACFB member / factor.

What’s Included with Factors Agent?

Factors Agents are considered “Agents (SA)” of the Campus with access to…

  • selected Factoring 101 classes and lessons from IACFB’s e-learning center.  (Factoring 101 “Lite”)
  • access to all articles found in the Learning Lab and  Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine

Agents additionally have the option to join IACFB using slightly discounted subscription rate for…

  • Membership:  Discount rate of $9.95 subscription plus just $4.95 monthly
  • IACFB WordPress Agent Landing Page with VIDEO $59.95

Additional Promotional Tools Available for Factors and Lenders at IACFB

For the BDOs of many lenders, and especially for factors, attracting new referrers and building strong networks of independent brokers and partners is naturally important and IACFB’s Agent Program is an important tool to assist you with that task.  Historically, one of the few resources to locate professionally factoring brokers and business consultants has been the FACTORING BROKER group at LinkedIn.  That of course has changed with the new e-learning Campus at IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers).

So how else can IACFB assist you in building stronger, more productive broker and referral networks?

  • Promotions and Sales Contests:  Use IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and our email list to announce incentives, sales, contests, and promotions.
  • Company Profiles (Magazine):  Use our “In the Spotlight” column at IACFB magazine to highlight your company to readers.  (see blue tab at left)
  • Post Informative Articles:  IACFB provides you with the perfect mechanism to get the word out about your company.  Post informative articles of interest to brokers in the magazine or in the Campus blog.

How Do I Get Started with IACFB?

Factors interested in building their own broker network can do so by utilizing IACFB’s Agent online broker training facility   To get started…

  • Become an IACFB Lender / Member:  to get started, simply become an IACFB Lender / Member.  We will provide you with a “coupon code” for your FREE training as registered guest.
  • Take Advantage of “In the Spotlight at the Magazine:  We use the basic information from your Company Profile to create an “In the Spotlight” article on your company for Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.
  • Begin Offering Factoring Training to your referrer e-mail list:  With Campus IACFB’s e-learning program, you can now offer new (and existing) brokers in your network a comprehensive course on factoring to improve their productivity.  Provide them with the 10 FREE Pass.
  • Contests:  Offer Discounted Broker Landing Pages and Broker Websites as an award:  A website is a basic necessity for any broker / referrer and IACFB covers all types.  Websites make a great promotional award for those send in the most “Sales Qualified Leads”.

Who Sees Your Message?

IACFB has a unique direct marketing program that specifically targets the exact user groups you would most like to receive information about your company including…

  • bookkeepers, tax preparers, accounting professionals
  • lending officers
  • business consultants
  • new and existing industry brokers

Article / Post Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines for Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine at IACFB are relatively flexible.  The magazine’s audience is referrers, brokers, consultants, and sales people and these are individuals interested in making money and earning commissions.  Articles, therefore, should contain content that will assist in helping them do just that.

  • Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine:  IACFB is a support association for freelance brokers and consultants who are interested in increasing their productivity so articles for the magazine should focus on…
    • marketing ideas and examples
    • productivity tools and their use (CRMs and apps)
    • suggestions for additional training (books, courses, seminars, etc.
  • In the Spotlight:  In the spotlight is a new column in the magazine and is an area where lenders can highlight their
    • specialties product or niches
    • lending parameters
    • industry preferences
    • contact information

Start Building Your Agents Program Today!

Setting up a lead-generating Agents Program at IACFB is very easy and only takes a few minutes.  To get started, simply become a “Lender / Member” of IACFB by completing this short form.  Once received, we will send you complete login instructions to set up your account through IACFB.