Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine provides a wealth of services for industry factors and lenders in both “free” and member categories.

Services for Factors and Lenders (FREE)

The email subscriber list for IACFB Magazine is approximately 5,800.  The magazine is published monthly, although article updates of importance are made periodically during the month.  For factors and lenders, benefits include:

  • Articles Publication:  Factors and Lenders can gain exposure for their companies through authoring periodic articles of interest to our readers.  (See Guidelines)
  • Lender Listing:  All factors and lenders are included in IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  The directory is provided as a service to those as trainees / members at the IACFB Academy.
  • Contests / Promotions:  All promotions / commission enhancements / contests are promoted to the magazine subscriber list.

Services for Factors and Lenders (IACFB Member)

In addition to the above benefits, Factors and Lenders that become members of IACFB enjoy…

  • Company Showcase Presentations:  Member lenders / factors can post specific articles about their companies in the “Spotlight” column.  The column feature details about your company, company images, it’s preferences in details, all services, BDO contacts, commission details, and links to broker areas of your company website plus downloads of broker agreements.
  • Company Ads:  All members benefit from advertisements.  This is automated by posting your company’s “Showcase” randomly on all articles in the magazine.  Any article selected by a reader features a randomly selected Company Spotlight in the article’s sidebar.
  • FREE Registered Guest / Referrer Training Program:  All factors / lenders can offer a special “agent” training program through their membership.  Very few factors provide referrer training.  As a member, IACFB membership provides your ability to provide very low cost / no cost training to this program.  This is a perfect “add-on” for any type of contest or promotion your company is sponsoring when building your broker network.  (See Additional Details)

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