Factors, industry lenders, and various types of specialty “marketeers” are encouraged to submit interesting articles for publication on The Commercial Finance Consultant.  The “Consultant” is an online magazine devoted to assisting freelance factoring brokers and consultants to enter the industry successfully and increasing their productivity once they are actively in business.  A fairly broad range of article subject matter is permissible, but generally, all articles submitted to the magazine should provide content which will either help opportunity seeking entrepreneurs and existing brokers to:

  • enter the industry and learn about the industry’s products and it’s many “niches” and  facets
  • learn more about successful business development techniques
  • expand reader horizons and introduce new and exciting opportunities as they are developed

General Categories for Article Submissions

  • Industry Fundamentals:  Articles which will assist new readers to better understand factoring and asset-based finance products
  • Specialized Finance:  Articles which reference the many specialty “niche” finance areas of the industry often overlooked by brokers and referrers
  • Business Opportunity:  Articles which promote the benefits and opportunities available to mobile creatives and entrepreneurial self-starters in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries
  • Productivity:  Articles that reference marketing ideas and products which can assist brokers in becoming more productive.  (Includes book reviews)
  • Deal Breakers:  Typical problems brokers will face when submitting a deal and possible solutions to them (tax liens, UCC filings, issues of concentration, etc.)

How to Submit an Article

Articles for publication should be submitted in Word or Microsoft Publisher format along with a short author’s bio.  Submit a picture for the bio if possible.  There is generally no need to provide images for your article unless they are very specific to the topic.  IACFB’s image library contains over 20,000 images so it is likely we will have a quality image for your article.

Submit queries or articles for publication to:

Guidelines Submissions / IACFB