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With this week’s breaking news regarding the second quarter of negative GDP in the U.S., we are now officially in a recession…at least by economic text book definitions.  The facts are simply that, although economic is not quite that bad yet, the rampant and horrendous inflation in the Biden economy offsets any gains in GDP.  You have seen nothing like this since the 70s and it’s clear that Biden is not done with his destruction yet.

For brokers and consultants in the factoring industry, however, this is not all bad news.  The factoring industry has long been considered as one providing a recession-proof career for all agents, brokers, and consultants as small B2B business owners seek out factoring arrangements to cover cashflow shortfalls when customers take too long to pay on their invoices.

As brokers, what…

Very ConcernedA Little ConcernedNeutralOk For NowI Won't Affect Me
Cost of Food
Cost of Gasoline
Cost of Rent / Mortgage
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Biden's Administration solves the economic crisis
Republicans will solve the crisis in November when they take the House