Business Development

Hurricane Ian Disaster Factoring Opportunities

All professional factoring and alternative commercial finance brokers and consultants are well aware of the importance of their unique financing programs and their necessity for survival to small business owners in times of natural disasters.  […]

Career & Training

IACFB New YouTube Channel

For those always seeking more information that even our exceptional magazine can offer, IACFB has not launched a NEW YouTube Channel for “newbies”.  The new YouTube Channel will feature videos in two primary list, one […]

Career & Training

New Affiliates Program at IACFB

Affiliates Programs are great ways to earn additional streams of income and IACFB has teamed up with DataMax Marketing to now offer affiliates earnings and commissions to all IACFB Freelance Factoring Consultants and even for […]

Broker Outlook

How Much Trouble Is Small Business In?

Small businesses are growing increasingly worried about the financial impact of high inflation, with an overwhelming majority of owners saying the worst is yet to come.  In fact, The vast majority (90%) of small businesses […]