Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine is a periodic publication of the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Consultants.  The magazine is dedicated and is focused on brokers and consultants engaged in the various areas of alternative business finance including commercial factoring, asset-based lending, equipment leasing, merchant cash advance, purchase order finance, and more Readers of the publication include:

  • IACFB FACTORING 101 BROKERS (Sponsored Agents):  IACFB Agents of the IACFB who provide assistance to small business owners in need of factoring and cash flow solutions
  • COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANTS:  Experienced IACFB trained professionals which assist business owners in all forms of commercial finance including import-export trade
  • CASH FLOW BROKERS AND NOTE BROKERS:  Individuals involved in brokering mortgage notes and the various products found in the Cash Flow Industry
  • ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS: Specialized bookkeepers andFactoring Broker Training at Campus IACFB accountants that provide financial consulting in addition to their accounting services.
  • BLOGGERS:  Those operating blogs that benefit home-based businesses and financing those businesses
  • FACTORS & LENDERS: Providers of factoring and accounts finance services

Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine:  A Ready Resource for Industry Training and Support 

For both new industry entrants, the Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine represents an accessible resource and “first look” at an industry brimming with opportunity and especially for those individuals seeking a professional, career-oriented home business opportunity.  For seasoned industry professionals, the magazine features powerful articles with “how-to’s” on enhancing productivity and business development.

How Content is Posted and Accessed (User Credentials)

New content is posted periodically (bi-weekly) on the magazine’s front page which is viewable by IACFB brokers, consultants, and agents using their training credentials (USERNAME and PASSWORD).  This is the SAME credentials you have been provided with Campus Training access. 

New content is “featured” by category.  The magazine’s article front page is limited but IACFB members additionally have access to older articles archived.

As of May 1st, 2022, the IACFB Magazine requires Login.  Visitors of the magazine and of IACFB / Campus IACFB can request REGISTERED GUEST privileges for the magazine and articles for 10 day.  For entrepreneurs and individuals seeking a professional home-business and interested in factoring, business finance consulting, and even mortgage note / cash flow consulting, the magazine is THE place to learn more about the industry.   

  • REGISTERED GUESTS…have access to the “Front Page” for 10 Days and you can request access by clicking the “Join Us” button below.
  • LOST CREDENTIALS…if you have lost your password to the magazine and Campus Training Portal, complete the “Join Us” below. 

Discussing Articles on the IACFB Group on LinkedIn

One of the most powerful features associated with Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine is the Campus IACFB’s LinkedIn Group which provides a ready forum for discussion of topics. The Campus LinkedIn Group works hand-in-hand with the magazine and provides a forum where IACFB Members can discuss articles and topics with other IACFB members as well as industry lenders.  Membership to the group is open to all.  Click here to view. 

Subscribe as a Registered Guest and Get FREE 10 Day Access

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE:  To get access to all the archived articles and training information available from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine, you simply need to become an IACFB Registered Guest.   This includes…

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