What Drives Entrepreneurs to Finance Broker Success?

Successful smiling mature businesswoman using laptop and computer while doing some paperwork at the office.

Living as a professional factoring broker / finance consultant is a feat that is easily achievable.  Many entrepreneurs who enter and try a host of various industries work tirelessly for years before discovering the complete financial freedom and success offered by factoring and small business finance consulting.  To understand what drives a factoring broker / consultant to succeed, you then first must understand what drives an entrepreneur to succeed.  If you are determined and passionate about working on your own and enjoy the many benefits of being  your own boss, factoring and a career as a small business finance consultant may be for you.

Enjoying Freedom and Flexibility

Entrepreneurs are the kinds of individuals that feel stuck when faced with a boring and monotonous work environment.  They simply cannot stand the humdrum of a 9-5 “basic” job and it simply doesn’t cut it for these type of aspiring and motivated people.  For these individuals, freedom and flexibility are two of the biggest attractions that draw them to working as an entrepreneur and especially if you consider their ability to live life on their own time and terms.

Factoring brokers are freelance consultants and enjoy all of the benefits of typical entrepreneurs.  Factoring is recognized worldwide for its financial power to solve problems of business cash flow.  That means that factoring consultants have the ability to set their own work schedule, as most entrepreneurs, but also enjoy the attractive ability to live in any location or the country or even world and can enjoy traveling on a whim.  Many factoring consultants find traveling appealing as a proven method of marketing for new clients as well as building referral relationships.  Since factoring consultants provide services to small and mid-size business owners in every corner of the world, all types of exciting vacations (opportunities) can be taken almost anywhere.  They provide endless opportunities to meet interesting travelers and business owners that can, in some cases, become valuable commission generating clients or referral sources.

As an entrepreneur, creating your own work environment and working as your own boss is another source of massive appeal. Working as your own boss allows you to have complete creative and financial control over each decision you make. As an entrepreneur and factoring broker, the only one in charge is you, which is optimal for those who prefer to work in their own style and with complete flexibility.

Passion for Their Work

Even the most skilled individuals can find themselves bored and unhappy if they are working in an environment that is unfulfilling,  Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, often find themselves driven to industries that are the most appealing and enjoyable for them on a regular basis.  If you love to work as a “problem solver” and exist  for helping other entrepreneurs with launching their own projects and dreams, this is a business for you.  As a consultant, you will deal with financial hurdles faced by others growing their businesses.  You will  elect to share your entrepreneurial skills and expertise to teach others about factoring, asset-based lending and other areas of alternative commercial finance products while the profession provides you with that quality feeling of helping others.

Working in any industry that is not enjoyable for you can quickly lead to feeling “burnt out” and unsatisfied with your career altogether.  Not with factoring.   As a factoring consultant you will be working with all types of small and mid-size businesses in need of your services.  Choosing this industry will quickly be one that you will develop a passion for and you will be recognized throughout your community as the “come to guy (or gal)” that those capital-starved business owners seek out when they want to work successfully and quickly to help their business to grow and survive.

Truly Unlimited Income

One of the driving forces behind making entrepreneurs choose factoring and the career of business finance consultant over most others is that this is a career that truly offers income that can be described as “unlimited”.  Consultants earn standard commissions of “points” in all types of common financings, such as asset-based financing structured as guaranteed SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) loans or merchant cash advance.  Here the consultant earns an attractive commission “one time” at closing.  But not with factoring,

When a consultant works with a business owner requiring “invoice finance” and payroll funding and establishes a factoring facility, not only does the business owner benefit with ongoing cash flow financing it’s growth, but the finance consultant that worked with the business owner earns a commission as the “Broker of Record”.  And since this type of transaction (factoring) involves financing which is ongoing and occurs month after month and year after year as required, then the financial consultant also earns commissions month after month and year after year so long as the financing continues and is in place.  With factoring, it is not unusual for the consultant to be paid five years, seven years, and even longer.

Want to Learn More?

For entrepreneurs, there are many attractive option to turn to when considering starting a home-based business.  There are, however, few that can match the business of commercial finance consulting and factoring.  If you want to find out more of your options and opportunities, visit the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Consultants) to look at your next steps to financial freedom.