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Current IACFB Promotions:  $50 Off for Sponsored Agent Graduates!!!!

Looking for that “PERFECT” home-based business opportunity to help balance your budget in this crippling Biden Economy?  Ready to launch a “recession resistant, new home-based side career and begin earning your share of the factoring industry’s near-legendary residual life-of-account income streams?  If so, the opportunity is crystal clear.  Join IACFB and launch your business today as a Freelance, High-Profile Factoring Broker.

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This is IACFB’s most popular training course (Factoring 101) and for just $149.95, it is one of that can make a true difference in your life and lifestyle.  Factoring 101 provides you with our 5-2tar rated, 200+ page Broker’s Guide paired with a professionally designed DataMax FB-Series Factoring Broker website.  Compare this training program to schools and others priced at $2,500 to over $50,000.  Factoring 101 is your passport to the industry

Find Out More.  $50 OFF Special for Sponsored Agent Graduates

Explore the Factoring 101 Freelance Program at the new IACFB Academy by clicking the button below.  For those that have attended our FREE Sponsored Agent Training Program during the last 60 days, you will receive (via a personal email or phone call) a very limited time promo coupon worth $50 OFF of Factoring 101.  Regular $149.95, now only $99.95 for those that have graduated from the Academy’s Sponsored Agent Training.